Fernando Alonso, Real Madrid Fan, Shares Impressions Ahead of Champions League Final

F1 star Fernando Alonso will be among those eagerly watching tonight's Champions League final match

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso, Real Madrid Fan, Shares Impressions Ahead of Champions League Final
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Tonight, the final of the Champions League between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid will take place. This match will attract immense attention from fans, considering the excellent seasons both the Spanish and German teams have had, so we can expect a real spectacle. Football is the most popular sport in the world, so it's no surprise that it garners such enormous attention. 

F1 star Fernando Alonso will be among those eagerly watching tonight's Champions League final match, as he is a big fan of Real Madrid. In a media interview, the Spaniard confirmed that he watched the match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the Champions League semifinal. And this time, he has the same intentions. Alonso describes it as a fantastic experience, emphasizing once again that he is a huge fan of Real Madrid.

“It was great. I mean, I come every time that it’s possible to the Bernabeu, I’m a big Real Madrid fan and I hadn’t visited the new stadium until then so it was a nice opportunity,” Alonso said, as quoted by Total-Motorsport.com.

The Spaniard felt that his presence brought bad luck to Real Madrid, as they were losing. However, Real Madrid is a club with a history and known for its comebacks. The Spaniard emphasized that he has always been well-received by important figures within the club and often takes the opportunity to be in the VIP area and watch the matches. His intention is not to stand out and show his love for Real Madrid at every moment, emphasizing that he watches the matches with emotions.

“And yeah for a moment I thought that I brought bad luck you know and they were losing, then eventually they they went through, so it was very nice.

They treat me always very, very nicely and I was in a very good VIP place with great legends in the sport and I tried to stay quiet because I’m more emotional than them, they have to behave, but it was nice. And yeah, good luck for the final.”- he continued.

Alonso has pointed out that he probably won't be able to watch the Champions League final, considering that the timing of the final match coincides with races. The Spaniard is a huge fan and would have loved to be part of this match, but simply, things don't align at this moment.

The Aston Martin driver emphasized that while the football club serves as a prime example in various aspects, it's challenging to directly apply the principles and spirit of football to Formula 1. He stressed the difficulty in translating the approach to a football game into the context of a race.

Of course, football and F1 are entirely different sports, but the fact remains that both sports attract enormous attention. Alonso enjoyed races as a child, but he also loved watching football. Over the years, his love for both sports grew, but it's evident that the Spaniard felt a greater passion for racing and F1.

Fernando Alonso compares football to F1

Fernando Alonso acknowledges the complexities of motorsport compared to football, highlighting that success isn't just determined by effort but also by various factors like the car's performance. He admires Real Madrid's sustained success over the years, recognizing the challenges in maintaining such a dynasty with changing players, generations, and external factors like stadium and fan support.

Fernando Alonso
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Tonight's final could break many viewership records in sports. The match between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund is arguably the most anticipated event of this season. The question arises: who can emerge as the winner in this match?

Real Madrid is certainly the favorite for this encounter, but no one should discount Dortmund, considering their German mentality and strength. Edin Terzić's team has shown they can compete with the biggest teams, and it must be acknowledged that they have played flawlessly this season in the Champions League. Additionally, they have showcased quality in the German league, especially in the latter part of the season.

Edin Terzić, a German coach of Bosnian origin, doesn't have particularly extensive experience in managing such important matches. He is a young coach who has showcased his brilliance this season. What a story it would be if Dortmund, led by Edin, managed to win this competition.

Real Madrid; Do we need to say much about them? A team that has been achieving great things in the world of football for years, amazing club with a brilliant coach. Most expect the Spaniards to lift the trophy once again. Carlo Ancelotti has experience in managing such important matches, which could be an important factor in this encounter.

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