Alex Albon's Aspiration: Striving for F1 World Championship with Williams

Albon stresses that their next notable milestone is to consistently score points

by Sead Dedovic
Alex Albon's Aspiration: Striving for F1 World Championship with Williams
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The 2024 Monaco GP brought excitement for all, especially for neutral fans tired of seeing Red Bull at the top. The spotlight is currently on McLaren and Ferrari, teams with the potential to compete with Red Bull, some believe even until the end of the season. 

Interestingly, in the last race, Alex Albon managed to secure the first points for Williams. The 28-year-old driver showcased his abilities, securing 9th place for Williams, a team that will now gain additional motivation. Albon, who is based in Monaco, just minutes away from the track where the race takes place, highlighted that being home is a luxury for him. He's happy when he can sleep in his own home and enjoy such moments. The whole experience of Monaco and his home is a special story for Albon.

“Today is like my 19th day in Monaco this year. To stay home is actually a lovely luxury to have, it’s nice to be able to sleep in your own bed, make your own breakfast and just take it nice and slow so it’s good.

Especially between Imola and Monaco, it was already quite a short trip to Monaco itself so I’ve been here since Sunday evening and going to my normal gym, being able to train properly Monday-Wednesday has been nice.”-Albon said, as quoted by total-motorsport.

Alex Albon is happy with James Vowles's ideas

Williams isn't shining brightly this season and they are far from the goals they set for themselves. However, before the start of the season, they probably expected it to be tough, given the fierce competition in F1. Still, Albon has words of praise for this team, as well as for James Vowles, the team principal. Alex believes that it's necessary to be patient and seize the opportunity. The 28-year-old thinks it's difficult to expect instant results since remarkable achievements require some time.

I think James summed it up pretty well, if you’re trying to plan long-term and foundational changes within a team it’s going to take time so you can’t truthfully expect short-term solutions at the same time."- he continued.

Alex Albon extended his contract with Williams about ten days ago, at least until 2026. With this move, the Williams team wanted to show that they rely on him and believe in his qualities. Albon emphasizes that James's arrival in the team required some quick moves, but over time, they realized that it takes longer to become competitive.

The Briton of Thai descent knows that this season will be tough for them, but expects that they will make a breakthrough next season. He has placed emphasis on regulation changes, believing that it could be a crucial moment when they will reap the rewards of their hard work.

Alex Albon
Alex Albon© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Albon stresses that their next notable milestone is to consistently score points, which he anticipates they can start accomplishing in the upcoming season. Following this, their aim would be to secure a podium finish, with the ultimate goal being a race victory. However, Albon acknowledges that achieving these milestones will likely take time and gradual progress, rather than sudden, dramatic changes. He believes that he can compete for the championship in the future.

The 28-year-old acknowledges that he had several options for the future but realized that Williams is the team where he sees his future. Being part of the team for years, getting to know everyone within the team, and having a great relationship with everyone are certainly among the primary reasons why he remained loyal to Williams. 

Alex Albon: There were a few options on the table to choose where I wanted to be

It's evident that Alex believes in the project presented to him and thinks that the upcoming seasons could showcase his strength. At this moment, Albon may not be competing for major goals, but that doesn't dampen his morale or motivation, given his understanding of the F1 scene. From the beginning, the 28-year-old has had trust in this project and has calmly built his story. We will see if his patience pays off in the future. It would be a truly great story.

“There were a few options on the table to choose where I wanted to be. When it came down to it, it just felt like the Williams route was firstly the one I know – I’ve been here a few years now – but also the one I believe in."- Alex Albon concluded.

Williams' leaders are hopeful that Albon, along with his teammate, will script a beautiful story in F1. In the coming years, things could change rapidly, which will certainly be a great opportunity for Williams to make a breakthrough. It will be interesting, in any case.