Helmut Marko fears for the future: We are naturally handicapped

“If we have to do something extra due to the greater competitiveness of Ferrari and McLaren, we are naturally handicapped.”-Helmut Marko said.

by Sead Dedovic
Helmut Marko fears for the future: We are naturally handicapped
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Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is concerned about the team's future after the disastrous performance of both drivers in the last race in Monaco. Although it was expected that Red Bull would give their best, their performances were far from ideal. Of course, it must be acknowledged that they also had no luck after Sergio Perez's crash, after which the Mexican was eliminated from the race. 

Helmut Marko, Red Bull advisor, confirmed that ultimately this crash will cost the Austrian team several million dollars. The 81-year-old Marko admitted that this will affect them but tries to remain optimistic in this chaotic period for his team, which was the main contender for the title before the start of the season. Of course, they are still leading, so it is unnecessary to write off a team like Red Bull.

“That clearly affects us, because there are considerations about what to do with the car,” Marko said, as quoted by racingnews365

“Three million are then missing for our considerations.

In the worst case, this means that we can do less development.”

Ferrari and McLaren are closely monitoring the situation. Leclerc is in second place with 138 points, while Verstappen leads with 169 points. The question arises: does the Monegasque have the strength to compete with the Dutchman until the end of the season? Judging by the latest races, Ferrari seems to have the potential for great things. 

Charles Leclerc
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McLaren is also impressive, with Lando Norris in third place, currently with 113 points. The young Briton is waiting for his chance, and the victory in Miami was a huge motivation for him. The 24-year-old driver has lifted the 'curse' off himself and scored his first win. It will be interesting to follow his performances now that there is no pressure on his shoulders. Helmut Marko is somewhat concerned, believing that there is a danger from Ferrari and McLaren.

“If we have to do something extra due to the greater competitiveness of Ferrari and McLaren, we are naturally handicapped.”-Helmut Marko said.

He further elaborated that if another crash occurs, not all necessary components will be readily accessible for both cars.

It will be interesting to see how much the Austrian team can achieve in Canada and whether it will mark the beginning of something new for them. Red Bull's advisor maintains optimism that Red Bull will progress in the upcoming period, but the recent races indicate that they will have a quite tougher task than last season.

Helmut Marko on Sebastian Vettel as an option for the next season: Fans would like to see the German again

While there's currently a huge focus on the current season and Red Bull's attempts to "pull themselves out" of this situation, some are already looking to the future, considering who could be Max Verstappen's teammate next season. Although Sergio Perez seems secure for the next season, at least according to Horner's statements, we still can't confirm such a thing with 100% certainty. 

That's one reason why some mention drivers like Sainz, Tsunoda, as well as Sebastian Vettel, who is currently not part of the F1 scene. Sebastian has competed for this team a few years ago, and some would like to see him back again. Helmut Marko confirmed in an interview for Formula1.de that it wouldn't be a great experience for Vettel to be Verstappen's teammate.

"He has repeatedly enquired with us, but I don't think it would be pleasant for him to drive next to Max Verstappen,” Marko said, as reproted by racingnews365.

Helmut Marko and Sebastian Vettel
Helmut Marko and Sebastian Vettel© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

The German recently participated in tests with Porsche. Marko believes it would be a great move for him. However, he's not sure how much truth there is to it, but he seems happy with Vettel's future.

Sebastian Vettel and Red Bul history

Vettel became part of Red Bull back in 2009 and immediately impressed everyone with his performances. Sebastian Vettel was a four-time champion with Red Bull. He won four consecutive world championships with Red Bull Racing in Formula 1 from 2010 to 2013. This is one of the reasons why fans are eager to see him back. However, much has passed since then. Some new names have emerged on the F1 scene, so it's a question of how Vettel would fare among younger drivers years later. 

Helmut Marko doesn't want to put too much focus on Verstappen's teammate, considering that the priority is a positive result this season. The 81-year-old doesn't want the team's dominance to end, hoping that they will improve their mistakes in the upcoming races. Max Verstappen is a driver who never wants to give up, and his intentions are to go for another championship.

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