Surprising Decision from Red Bull: Sergio Perez to Extend Contract After All

"Checo's first six races, he was very strong, qualifying on the front row and finishing second and third and scoring very well."- Horner said.

by Sead Dedovic
Surprising Decision from Red Bull: Sergio Perez to Extend Contract After All
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Despite Sergio Perez's disastrous performance, which included a crash at the Monaco GP race, it seems that his future still lies with Red Bull. The previous season wasn't impressive for the Mexican, sparking questions about his future. Checo was uncertain, not knowing if he would remain part of the team. 

However, Red Bull's executives have shown confidence in the great Mexican, who intends to give his best this season as well and secure his place in the team. And judging by everything, that will happen. 

According to media reports, Red Bull's executives consider Perez to still be the best candidate for the second seat at Red Bull. Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, commented on Perez's recent performance, considering his weekend to be brutal. However, Horner believes that such performances are not indicative of Perez's lack of quality but rather that Sergio simply had bad luck. His performances at the beginning of the season showcased his qualities in the best possible way.

“This weekend's been pretty brutal for him. Obviously we need to make sure that we have got both cars up there scoring points, because we cannot dismiss the threat of Ferrari and McLaren in both championships.

[But] Checo's first six races, he was very strong, qualifying on the front row and finishing second and third and scoring very well. We just need to get back into that position of confidence and not to see a dip.”-Horner said, as quoted by Crash.

Christian Horner and Sergio Perez
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Christian Horner has admitted that Perez's poor performances will not affect the timing of the decision they will make. They emphasize that they have their plans and ideas and do not want to make hasty decisions. Red Bull has no intention of making big mistakes, as they know how important it is to have a great driver alongside Verstappen. Realistically speaking, it's difficult for anyone at this moment to match Verstappen as a teammate, considering how dominant the Dutchman is. 

Although recent performances haven't been ideal, we still can't count out Red Bull because they are the leading team with the intention to remain so. Verstappen doesn't have an explicit favorite for the next season, probably content with Perez as his teammate. There are several candidates who could succeed Perez, but judging by everything, Checo will continue to represent the colors of the Austrian team in the 2025 season.

In the last race, Sergio Perez had a crash when Kevin Magnussen made contact with him, causing the Mexican to spin into the barriers. Hulkenberg was also involved in the entire incident.

Red Bull fans were concerned about the driver's health, uncertain whether the crash had any lasting effects on him. Although Perez appeared visibly shaken and disappointed, his health condition is okay, which is crucial for the Red Bull executives.

Reflecting on the crash, Perez explained that it was a heavy impact, as seen from his onboard perspective. He mentioned that at no point was Magnussen's car alongside him, and the wall kept getting closer, leaving him with no option but to maintain his speed. Perez emphasized that there was no room for both cars, and Magnussen should have realized the situation and backed off to avoid the collision.

Helmut Marko and his ideas

Helmut Marko has confirmed that by the time they reach Barcelona, this team could make a decision regarding the second driver. He believes that by then, they should have a clear picture of who will be Verstappen's teammate next season. As we've already mentioned, there are several candidates who could potentially succeed the Mexican, and some of them include Carlos Sainz, who will be a free agent from next season onwards, and many teams are considering him. However, Sainz, being a great driver, is unlikely to end up in a team without ambitions, which is one reason why some believe that his future lies with Red Bull. 

Helmut Marko
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Yuki Tsunoda, who has been impressive this season in RB (a team also owned by Red Bull but under a different name), is an interesting candidate for the Austrian team. It seems that the Japanese driver has finally matured and is ready to take a step forward in his career. He has patiently waited for his chance, and we'll see if the team executives ultimately see the future of this team with Tsunoda as the second driver.

Yuki Tsunoda
Yuki Tsunoda© Rudy Carezzevoli/Getty Images Sport

The priority for the team leaders is to address the current issues, especially since Max Verstappen hasn't been shining lately, triggering alarm bells within the team. They will need to find a solution as soon as possible to get Red Bull back on the winning track.

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