Jos Verstappen: The era when Red Bull had the dominant car seems to be over now

Since the incident with Christian Horner, Jos has been one of the loudest voices, arguing that the team's leaders should focus on the car

by Sead Dedovic
Jos Verstappen: The era when Red Bull had the dominant car seems to be over now
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Red Bull has been facing significant challenges for several weeks now, as they struggle to impose their pace and their rivals manage to disrupt their plans. Max Verstappen finished the last race in Monaco in sixth place, far from the ambitions of this team. However, the leaders of the Austrian team remain optimistic and believe that changes could come in the coming weeks. 

Yet, Max's father, Jos Verstappen, seems less optimistic. Disappointed with the recent outcomes, Jos believes that the era of Red Bull has come to an end. 

Since the incident with Christian Horner, Jos has been one of the loudest voices, arguing that the team's leaders should focus on the car and the drivers rather than on Horner's case and other issues. Once again, Max's father indirectly hinted at this.

“The era when Red Bull had the dominant car really seems to be over now," Jos Verstappen said, as quoted by Crash.

“Maybe they should start focusing a bit more on racing and mutual communication again, rather than on other things…"

Christian Horner
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He, however, is optimistic that in the upcoming races there will likely be moments when Red Bull will show dominance. Nevertheless, he raises the question: Will the team leaders solve the current problems, and when? The former F1 driver is concerned as the team leaders silently observe the situation, probably feeling helpless as they cannot find a solution. 

For him, it is crucial that they understand the root of the problem as if they don't resolve it soon, the situation could become chaotic for Red Bull. Sergio Perez has had particularly disappointing races, which does not inspire optimism among the fans of this team.

“There will definitely be races where Red Bull will be in good shape again, but I am very curious to see how they are going to solve this. Something really needs to happen there.

Red Bull needs to find out where this problem is coming from, because it is clear that teams like Ferrari and McLaren are getting closer. Max has still been able to mask that somewhat, but the big difference with Sergio Perez is becoming more and more obvious.”

What could somewhat please the Red Bull executives is Max Verstappen's statement that Horner and his father, Jos, have no conflict whatsoever. On the other hand, the 26-year-old driver emphasizes that his father will always stand by him and remain his greatest support. Jos and Max are a father and son who share a special chemistry. Since childhood, the former F1 driver had the intention to 'create' one of the best F1 drivers, and it's evident that he has succeeded in doing so.

“My dad will always stay with me of course,” Verstappen said.

“They are not in conflict. People can have different opinions but that’s a different story.”

Max and Jos Verstappen
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Verstappen explained that there are many key elements at play. When he transitioned to Red Bull Racing, Christian was a fundamental part of that narrative. However, the primary focus is always on everyone regaining their focus on performance. He reiterated that they have emphasized their concentration on performance multiple times now, and they aim to maintain this focus moving forward.

Max Verstappen isn't happy about having to address various questions regarding recent scandals within the team, as well as answering questions unrelated to his performances. The 26-year-old driver doesn't want to focus on such matters, as his intention is to win the championship and primarily focus on that goal rather than other things.

Did the Horner scandal affect Red Bull?

Since the scandal involving Horner, it seems that things haven't been functioning optimally within the team. Although Red Bull showed brilliance immediately after the scandal, a slight decline has been felt in recent weeks, which could now escalate into a catastrophe for the team. Of course, it's premature to label Red Bull as a team that won't win the championship, given that they are still in the lead.

However, fans highlight that such performances don't instill optimism that Max Verstappen can reclaim the championship podium. The leaders of this team aim to urgently improve matters and enter the upcoming races with a leading car.

Max Verstappen doesn't want to dwell too much on the car or look at things pessimistically, believing that Red Bull has the potential to break records in the future. This will require dedication, composure, and faith in the team. The 26-year-old has shown that he knows how to bounce back from similar situations, and we'll see if he can do it again this time.

McLaren and Ferrari are eagerly watching the situation, ready to disrupt Max and Red Bull's plans.

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