Max Verstappen after Monaco Race: Did Anyone Fall Asleep?

“That red flag completely destroyed any kind of strategy, it was really boring."

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen after Monaco Race: Did Anyone Fall Asleep?
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Max Verstappen finished the last race in 6th place. The race in Monte Carlo brought many surprises. The beginning of the race immediately provoked reactions due to the crash between Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen, after which the race was red-flagged. 

Verstappen, someone from whom much was expected, believed he could achieve a positive result. However, the 26-year-old didn't do enough. After the red flag and restart, the race wasn't particularly exciting. Verstappen joked that one could have fallen asleep watching the second part of the race.

“That red flag completely destroyed any kind of strategy, it was really boring. I just tried to save those tyres to the end. Did anyone fall asleep?” -Verstappen said, as reported by News Verstappen.

Verstappen commented on Lando Norris's performance, who had a special strategy towards the end of the race, which didn't suit the Dutchman at all. It seems like Verstappen accepted his fate, knowing he was powerless to find himself on the podium. The Dutchman is obviously not satisfied with this race, considering it difficult to overtake anyone. Ultimately, he finds this race very boring.

“Russell drove very defensively towards the end of the race, because the medium tyres are more fragile than the hard tyres. You can’t overtake here anyway, so I had to drive the same pace as Russell did. When Hamilton pitted, we were able to pit as well. I managed to stay ahead of him, but in the end it did not matter. It seems like you have to be 4 or 5 seconds faster per lap to be able to make a move around here and overtake someone. It was just very boring.”- Verstappen continued.

Lando Norris and Max Verstappen
Lando Norris and Max Verstappen© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Max considers the weekend as challenging, one that he would prefer to quickly forget, but also sees it as an opportunity for learning. He acknowledges that the only positive aspect from this weekend is that they now understand their major weakness, which they need to address urgently. 

Red Bull hasn't been impressive lately, facing issues that many didn't expect. The dominance of Red Bull was something many anticipated, but this team has been struggling to set the pace as they did before. Red Bull fans are already feeling tension and nervousness, believing that the Austrian team will find it much harder to win the championship this year. Of course, if they manage to do so at all.

He believes that if they can resolve this weakness or at least improve it greatly, they will gain a considerable amount of lap time, which is promising for the future. However, in terms of results and personal experience, he expresses little emotion about this race. 

The race in Monaco turned out to be disappointing for them, especially considering that currently Red Bull's biggest rival, Ferrari, managed to secure a victory with Charles Leclerc at the helm. The Italian team is serious in its intentions, aiming to capitalize on the positive situation they find themselves in. There is optimism within the Ferrari team regarding the future, believing that Ferrari has good chances for success this season.

Sergio Perez on his crash

On the other hand, his teammate Sergio Perez is also disappointed with the last race, following the crash he was involved in. The Mexican driver believes he is not to blame for the contact between the two of them. Magnussen attempted to overtake Perez, but at the moments when Checo drifted right, there was less space available, leading to contact, after which Sergio ended up in the barriers. Sergio shared his opinion regarding this crash.

"If you see my onboard, at no point you see Kevin's car – not even close to me, alongside me, and you could see that the wall is just getting closer and closer," Perez said.

"To keep it flat out, there was only one way out of it, and it was either contact with my car or with the barrier."

Perez explained that there was not enough space for both cars and at a certain point, Magnussen needed to recognize this. He mentioned that he has been in similar situations before, emphasizing that as the car is behind, sometimes it's necessary to back off to avoid getting too close.

He expressed surprise that the incident was not investigated, considering the extent of the damage and the potential danger it posed. He found it unexpected given the circumstances.

Many have different opinions regarding this crash. In any case, Red Bull was the biggest loser of this race. It must be acknowledged that they also had bad luck, but the next race will be an opportunity to improve things and get back on track as we're accustomed to.

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