Emotional Charles Leclerc after Monaco Victory: No Words Can Explain This

Charles Leclerc is the winner of the last race in Monaco.

by Sead Dedovic
Emotional Charles Leclerc after Monaco Victory: No Words Can Explain This
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Charles Leclerc managed to achieve victory and fulfill his lifelong dream: winning in his hometown, Monte Carlo. The 26-year-old driver sent a clear message to Red Bull and Max Verstappen, who are surely concerned about the future. 

The Monegasque started the race on pole position and finally succeeded in his intention. 

After the race, Leclerc had no words to describe his success. The Monegasque admitted that he had a tough race ahead of him, especially due to the pressure he felt. Ultimately, he managed to ignore everything happening around him, focus on the race, and achieve the desired victory.

"No words can explain this. It is unbelievable."- Charles Leclerc said, as quoted by f1i.

"It is such a difficult race. That I have started twice on pole position and we couldn't quite make it makes [this victory today] even better, in a way. It means quite a lot."- he continued.

Charles Leclerc expressed that the Monaco Grand Prix has always been an importantrace for him, representing the fulfillment of his dream to be a Formula 1 driver. He mentioned that he thought a lot about his father while driving, stressing the sacrifices his father made for him to pursue racing and how it was a shared dream for them to compete and succeed in Monaco. 

His father, who was also a driver, was the main motivation for Leclerc to fall in love with motorsport and become a great driver himself. This season, in particular, has been impressive for him, and some believe that if this outstanding driver continues at the same pace, he will have great chances to win the championship, although competing against Max Verstappen will be a tough task. Red Bull's poor results in the last few races provide significant motivation for Ferrari, as well as McLaren, to potentially upset their plans in the upcoming period.

Leclerc described the race as emotionally challenging, admitting that as early as 15 laps before the end, he was hoping that nothing would go wrong. He conveyed that the emotions were intense throughout the race, reflecting the pressure and tension he experienced. 

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz
Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz© Robert Cianflone/Getty Images Sport

The 26-year-old had enormous motivation to prove himself on home turf. As a child, he watched races in Monaco, hoping that one day he would also appear on the big stage. The boy who had dreams turned those dreams into reality. That's the pinnacle of every athlete's career. The next step would be winning the championship, which some believe is not an impossible mission.

Leclerc couldn't hide his emotions, happy to have achieved his goal. His brother, Arthur, also reacted to his brother's victory, thrilled with what he had the opportunity to witness. Charles's brother emphasized that the weekend was perfect, from free practice to everything else. He confirmed that a big party awaits them tonight. 

Leclerc's brother didn't forget to mention their father, saddened by his absence to witness this moment. He admitted to crying at the end of the race, happy for his brother's success.

Charles Leclerc: I want to thank the team

Charles Leclerc made sure to thank his team, who had worked tirelessly over the past few months, providing him with a car that enabled him to achieve tremendous success. Although some had expected Red Bull to easily dominate this season after a few races, their plans are slowly unraveling. However, this doesn't mean that this team has no chance of revitalizing themselves and continuing with a great pace in the upcoming races. Only time will tell.

"I want to thank the team for having done such incredible work over the last few months to give me the opportunity to finally win this race. It is a very special feeling."-Charles Leclerc said.

Leclerc explained that they were aware of the challenge of completing 78 laps on the same set of tires, which posed a difficulty. He mentioned that it was particularly tough at the beginning of the race. 

However, he emphasized that they executed excellent tire management throughout the race. He mentioned that there was a phase where they had to be conservative with tire usage, but towards the end, in the last 10 laps, he was able to push harder, and the car felt quite good.

The 26-year-old expects things to potentially get even better as the season progresses, considering Ferrari has shown the capacity for great achievements. Leclerc will be the mainstay of this team in the current season, with the ambition to fulfill Ferrari's long-standing dream. Leclerc hopes it's possible to dethrone Red Bull, understanding that it will be a challenging task.

The focus is already on the next challenges.

Charles Leclerc