Roberts: "The desire of the new owners is to keep the family spirit in Williams"

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Roberts: "The desire of the new owners is to keep the family spirit in Williams"

The Williams family and their F1 team have long resisted the challenges of modern times, but last year the legendary team was sold to American investor Dorilton Capital. However, the new owners want to keep that family spirit that has adorned Williams for decades.

Sir Frank and Claire Williams are no longer part of the team, but the new owners have no intention of fundamentally changing the team and the way it works. The head of the team, Simon Roberts, said more about it: “We have put together an investment plan that focuses on what we need to do, what we can do, and what we need to improve the performance of this team.

Everything is 100 percent focused on performance, and that includes the intention to make this a great place to work. ” “So Dorilton and I don’t want to change that beautiful feeling that exists within Williams, that family spirit and friendship.

Therefore, we invest. We will invest in some facilities within the factory." "Simple things, but things that will improve working conditions for people here. We fix a lot of things, literally from holes in the roof to maintaining an air tunnel.

It's a fairly extensive program that is now being implemented in the factory, on the facilities of the factory and the IT department, everyone is working super hard. ”

A good relationship with the Williams family

Also, Roberts points out that the new leadership has maintained a good relationship with the Williams family and hopes former boss Claire could come to some races during the new season.

“We accept that things have to move on, but there will always be a place for Claire here, she can stop by and come see us. I hope that upon our return to Europe during the season they will be able to do just that."

"She went through hard times. She maintained this as much as she could, she maintained her spirit, it’s extraordinary. We really respect everything she did. We are still Williams and that is really important to us, ”says Roberts.

Williams will enter the new season with the same driver lineup made up of George Russell and Nicholas Latifi, with the goal of closing the gap behind mid-ranked teams and trying to bring Williams back among the points winners, at least from time to time. In the last two years, only one has been won, that of Robert Kubica at the 2019 German Grand Prix.