Sergio Perez Opens Up About Red Bull Future Following Marko's Statements

Red Bull leaders have no intention of making hasty decisions that could cost them.

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez Opens Up About Red Bull Future Following Marko's Statements
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Sergio Perez spoke to the media about his contract with Red Bull. This season hasn't been particularly impressive for him, especially considering his recent races. Despite this, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko emphasized that Perez is the top candidate to stay for the next season and build a partnership with Max Verstappen

Marko stated in the media that negotiations with Perez are still ongoing, confirming that he is their first option. Red Bull leaders have no intention of making hasty decisions that could cost them. The goal is not to put pressure on themselves but to make rational and sound decisions.

"The talks are still ongoing, and Checo is still our first option.

We want to have clarity on this before the summer break, although we are certainly not putting any pressure on ourselves.”- Marko said, as reported by EXPRESS.

Helmut Marko
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Perez has emphasized that his primary focus is on the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend. He mentioned that negotiations for his contract are ongoing but stressed that his immediate priority is the race at hand. Until a contract is signed, he believes it's essential to concentrate on the present rather than worrying about the future. The main objective for him currently is to perform well in the upcoming race.

The Mexican driver started the season well, sparking optimism that things would look significantly better than in previous seasons. However, the last two races have once again caused pessimism, especially after the latest one where Perez finished 8th. Perez doesn't focus on negative aspects or poor performances. The previous seasons have been a great lesson for him that things can improve, so Perez enters the upcoming races with a completely different mindset than before.

Many thought that Red Bull leaders would have more mysterious statements after the last race, but the fact that Perez has support, despite the poor results in the last two races, is probably a positive thing for him and an additional motivation to progress.

This is the atmosphere Checo has always wanted to be in.

Former Dutch driver Robert Doornbos shocked many last month when he revealed that Perez wanted a multi-year contract. The reaction he received from Red Bull leaders was, to say the least, disappointing.

“Perez went to that team and said ‘I want a three-year deal’. At the table, there is a laughing reaction to the anecdote. Laughable, indeed. That request is rejected by Marko."- Doornbos said.

Red Bull's leaders intend to create an atmosphere where Sergio Perez will be motivated to achieve good results. They believe that when he feels secure, there's a risk he might become complacent and not perform at his best. By keeping him on his toes, they have him under control and know they can get the best out of him. However, the question remains whether Perez wants to be part of the whole story in such a manner.

“He says ‘no way, you have to give him a deal for a maximum of one year. Because if you give him a two-year deal, he’ll sit back and give up again. Let him run every year’.”- he continued.

Yuki Tsunoda is one of the options for Red Bull

The Red Bull advisor has acknowledged that Yuki Tsunoda is also one of the options, especially after his recent performances where the Japanese driver showcased his qualities. Tsunoda has patiently awaited his chance, and it would be surprising if Red Bull immediately gave him an opportunity to prove himself. 

Helmut Marko admitted that they have several options at the moment. 

Yuki Tsunoda
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Red Bull is a reputable team that consistently achieves great results from season to season, so it's no surprise they have numerous options. Every driver's dream is to be part of this Austrian team, but only one will secure a spot, assuming Perez leaves Red Bull, of course. 

Perez is already being linked with some teams, primarily Sauber, which, judging by everything, has reportedly offered him a multi-year contract. Checo hasn't openly discussed this, focusing on the present and ready to help Red Bull achieve its goals this season. However, time will tell what Perez's and Red Bull's plans truly are. The upcoming races could also confirm and reveal much more.

Red Bull is doing great things this season, led by Max Verstappen. They are still the leading team in F1 this season, but they might not be thrilled by the fact that Sergio Perez is now third in the standings. Charles Leclerc has surpassed him, and Ferrari poses a threat to Red Bull now. However, the Austrian team isn't particularly concerned about this situation, considering they have a significant advantage.

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