Lando Norris: It's about time someone put Max Verstappen under pressure

"It's about time someone put him under pressure and he felt a bit of nerves again because I'm sure he hasn't felt it for a while."- Norris said.

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris: It's about time someone put Max Verstappen under pressure
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Lando Norris, after two consecutive brilliant performances, once again has the same ambitions for the future. The great F1 driver wants to achieve great things and capitalize on the momentum he's in. In an interview for Sky Sports F1, the young driver reflected on the Miami race, where he was close to finishing first but ultimately Max Verstappen managed to secure the victory. 

Lando emphasized that he did everything necessary to achieve victory, but he's still not satisfied, believing that he could have won this race.

“I did everything I believed was right at the time. When it's so close you always think 'What really could I have done that little bit differently' but you always could have done something a little bit better or a little bit differently."- Lando Norris said, as quoted by Express.

The 24-year-old Briton believes that the Dutchman is probably also dissatisfied with certain aspects of his performance and could potentially have been better. Norris is primarily happy because Max Verstappen had a tough task to achieve victory, which suggests that McLaren could compete with this team in the upcoming races. Being under pressure is not an easy thing, as Norris emphasized. 

Verstappen had too easy of a task last season. This season he is also dominant, but far from what we witnessed last year. Norris believes that the pressure and nerves that Max feels are reason enough to believe in himself and his team.

“I'm sure Max could have reviewed things and said the same thing. But nice to know it wasn't an easy one for him. It's about time someone put him under pressure and he felt a bit of nerves again because I'm sure he hasn't felt it for a while."- Norris continued.

Max Verstappen
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The 24-year-old McLaren driver doesn't want to be overly confident, considering that's not his personality type. However, that doesn't mean he won't believe in himself and expect a positive outcome in the upcoming races. He hasn't forgotten to mention Ferrari, who is also a formidable opponent, but McLaren certainly has the potential to compete with them until the end of the season.

Lando Norris emphasized that with only a third of the season completed, there's still a long journey ahead with many possibilities. He pointed out that Monaco, known for its unpredictability, brings uncertainty, making it unwise to rule out any outcomes.

It's difficult to make predictions for any race today, considering the multitude of surprises this season, as well as in seasons past. That's what makes F1 special.

Reflecting on his team's recent strong performances, Norris expressed a shift in his mindset. He admitted to growing tired of underestimating their potential. Drawing from their recent achievements - securing second, first, and second places in consecutive races - he expressed confidence that they can maintain this momentum in Monaco. Despite Monaco not traditionally being their strongest circuit, Norris highlighted the element of unpredictability, indicating that anything can happen on race day.

Max Verstappen: If McLaren suddenly starts winning, that can turn around quite quickly

In a media interview, Max Verstappen discussed his expectations regarding Monaco, as well as the future on the F1 scene. The Dutchman warns that McLaren could start winning races in the upcoming events and turn things in their favor. However, he emphasizes that Red Bull's main focus is on themselves and the goal to reclaim the championship.

“He is quite a few points down but if they suddenly start winning, that can turn around quite quickly.

But from our side we just have to focus on ourselves because that is the only thing in our control."- Max Verstappen said.

The 26-year-old doesn't want to see the same scenario as Imola again. Although he managed to secure the victory, Verstappen feels that things could have looked different, expecting an easier win. Lando Norris and Max Verstappen had a battle until the last minute, but ultimately, the Red Bull driver emerged as the winner. Monaco could unfold a similar story, which is certainly far from what he desires.

“It has closed up which makes it very important to be at our very best, and 100 per cent. We need to be on it.

Imola started off badly and we managed to turn it around but I wouldn’t want to have a weekend like that again.”- Verstappen concluded.

The race in Monaco will attract huge attention, especially now that Red Bull doesn't seem as dominant. Other teams are waiting for their chance eagerly, particularly Ferrari and McLaren, hoping to dethrone the Austrian team.

Charles Leclerc, along with Norris, might be the closest to succeeding in that endeavor.

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