Sergio Perez: There are reasons why Red Bull doesn't work for everyone

Sergio Perez is not able to establish a rhythm this season

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez: There are reasons why Red Bull doesn't work for everyone
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Sergio Perez hasn't been impressive lately, despite a solid start to the season that promised his continued presence in this team for the next seasons. The Mexican, of course, struggles to keep up with Max Verstappen's pace, which is also a complicating factor for him. 

Perez's performances last year didn't provide the assurance that he could remain part of the team this season. Nevertheless, the team leaders have given Perez another chance, emphasizing that this is his last opportunity to prove himself. 

Being part of a team that leads the way in the F1 scene, where only the top two positions count as a positive result, is extremely hard. What most fans suspected, Perez confirmed; being Max Verstappen's teammate is challenging. When you're compared to such a class as the 26-year-old is, it's very difficult to give your best.

"It's not fair if I'm going to speak for other drivers, but there are reasons why Red Bull doesn't work for everyone," Perez said, as reported by RacingNews365.

"Being Verstappen's team-mate is super spicy. I'm sure I would have stood out more often if I had another team-mate. However, it is a fantastic challenge. Max is the best driver, he is complete and makes few mistakes."

Max Verstappen
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On the other hand, when you have such a teammate, you always have to give more and bravely fight for your place on the F1 scene. The Mexican confirmed that Verstappen is a driver who influences Perez to become better.

"It's great to have a team-mate like that, because you know you have to push to the limit and finish perfect weekends to beat him."- he continued.

Sergio Perez highlighted the challenge of having a teammate like Max Verstappen, who consistently performs well. He emphasized how this situation can create a cycle of struggle, where you're constantly scrutinizing the car's setup, even when there might not be much more to gain from it. Perez stressed the importance of resetting and maintaining mental strength in such circumstances, particularly mentioning the necessity for mental strength at Red Bull.

Sergio Perez and critics from the team leaders

Statements from the team's leaders also didn't favor the 34-year-old born in Guadalajara. Helmut Marko, the team advisor, is known for being ready to criticize and publicly express his opinions without hesitation. Comments from a figure like Marko surely didn't positively affect Perez, but he decided to accept things as they were, ready to progress.

Helmut Marko made controversial statements last season regarding Perez, which some even considered racist. Namely, the Red Bull advisor emphasized that Perez, as a South American, doesn't have the focus that Verstappen or Vettel have.

Helmut Marko
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Perez didn't have a specific reaction and handled the situation in a great way. Marko shortly thereafter apologized and admitted he had made a mistake.

Public criticisms often have a counter effect and can arouse dissatisfaction in the driver. The 34-year-old driver is someone who doesn't hold grudges against the team's leaders too much, ready to turn things around in his favor this season. It can't be said that everything isn't going well for him so far, but there are still many races left, and much can change.

Sergio Perez reacts to Imola race: We knew it was going to be a hard day

Sergio Perez also reflected on the tense race in Imola, where Verstappen faced a tough challenge. The Dutchman ultimately managed to win, although Norris was close behind him, dangerously close to disrupting the plans of the 26-year-old. The Mexican highlighted that Imola brings challenges with it, already expecting it wouldn't be easy before the race. Perez believes they gave their maximum effort, hoping for a positive result.

“We knew it was going to be a hard day today as the whole weekend was compromised from qualifying. Imola is a difficult track to overtake on so this was the maximum we could do today, especially we were struggling with traffic in the beginning on my first stint and on the hard tyres we had no margin to play around with the balance."- Sergio Perez said.

The 34-year-old and the rest of the team are aware of McLaren's quality, which is improving day by day. Although McLaren was the fastest, Verstappen's victory refuted many who claimed that his positive results were only due to a good car and nothing else. The Dutchman once again displayed his class, indicating that he will likely win the championship again.

McLaren is getting closer to Red Bull, especially after the Miami race where Norris gained much-needed confidence. This team aims to capitalize on the momentum, aware that Red Bull is not invincible after all.

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