Mclaren Team Principal Admires Max Verstappen and his Consistent Performance

"I say often how much I admire the fact that they can win so consistently, because there's so many ways in which things can go wrong."- Stella said.

by Sead Dedovic
Mclaren Team Principal Admires Max Verstappen and his Consistent Performance
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Max Verstappen's phenomenal performances could not go unnoticed, given that the leaders of the major teams are thrilled with what the Dutchman showed in the last race, as well as in all the races this season. The 26-year-old succeeded in a tough race at Imola, defeating Lando Norris who battled with the Dutchman throughout the race. One of those particularly impressed by Max's performance is McLaren team principal Andrea Stella, who considers the Dutchman's victory amazing. Stella believes that what Verstappen does from race to race is amazing. Furthermore, he emphasized that it's rare to see Max Verstappen lose the first position.

"No, I think if we look at Verstappen's consistent launches, it's just amazing," Stella said, as reported by RacingNews365. 

"It's true he scores pole position, but you rarely see him losing the first position at the first corner. Gaining this consistency in launches, is again, the result of good work. 

I say often how much I admire the fact that they can win so consistently, because there's so many ways in which things can go wrong."

Andrea Stella pointed out that their performance the previous day revealed a weakness in their operations during qualifying. He emphasized the importance of consistent launches, attributing this to the driver's skill in executing them. Stella highlighted factors such as tire preparation and having a strong engine during the acceleration phase, which can provide advantages in reaction time. 

Andrea Stella
Andrea Stella© Clive Rose/Getty Images Sport

He mentioned Lando's potential advantage in this area on the day. However, Stella emphasized that achieving a consistently strong launch, as Verstappen does, minimizes the chances of gaining positions only through this aspect. He stressed the necessity of performing well in all aspects to achieve success, indicating their team's continuing efforts in this regard.

McLaren can be pleased with having drivers like Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri on their roster. Both are examples of excellent drivers, considering all they have shown this season, especially Norris. The talent of the 24-year-old Briton has been evident since his first day on the F1 scene, but it was necessary for him to confirm his qualities even during the major races, which he ultimately succeeded in doing.

Norris secured his first win in the Miami race, and the Imola race already showed how Norris now competes without pressure, ready to win several more races. This is the mentality needed for this young driver to be able to compete with Max Verstappen.

After the race, Max Verstappen felt relieved, considering it was one of the toughest races in his career, with Norris breathing down his neck the whole time, ready to take him off the throne. Despite the issues Red Bull faced, the Dutchman managed to remain calm and give his best. Ultimately, Verstappen achieved his goal, much to the joy of all Red Bull fans, demonstrating that he truly is a driver of exceptional quality.

Red Bull fans can be happy with the outcome and the fact that Verstappen is still leading. Red Bull is doing great things, but it seems that last season it looked much easier. The leaders of this team knew it would be difficult to repeat the previous season, considering that other teams took the task of this season much more seriously.

Lando Norris' reaction on the last race in Imola

Lando Norris couldn't hide his emotions after yet another thrilling race where he was close to victory. The Briton didn't consider giving up for a moment. Lando believes that if he had just two more laps, he could have achieved his goal, but unfortunately, he has no choice but to accept things as they are. The Briton confirmed that he fought until the last lap, but the start itself was not promising, costing him the win. Norris emphasized that Verstappen capitalized on the early part of the race, ultimately securing his fifth win of the season.

 “It hurts me to say but one or two more laps and I think I would have had him. It’s tough… a shame.

I fought hard right until the very last lap, but I just lost out a little bit too much to Max in the beginning. He was much better in the first stint and obviously in the second stint we were stronger." - Lando Norris said.

The 24-year-old driver is happy that his team is in an excellent position for the remainder of the season. For him, the most important thing is that everyone is doing a great job and that they are focused on achieving their goal. Ferrari and McLaren are the closest to dethroning Red Bull, although the Austrian team is far ahead of everyone, it seems.

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