Toto Wolff believes Mercedes has the foundation to catch Red Bull

"The basis of the car is more conventional, in the sense of defining where we want to have downforce."

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff believes Mercedes has the foundation to catch Red Bull
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Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff, cannot be happy with Mercedes' performances this season, which are far from their goals set at the beginning of the season. Mercedes has had significant problems for two seasons now, while on the other hand, their biggest rival, Red Bull, is progressing day by day. This is a reason for frustration for the leaders of this team, primarily Toto Wolff. 

Despite upgrades, Mercedes hasn't progressed significantly, and the situation doesn't seem much better than it was. 

Toto Wolff gave his impressions after the race in Imola, emphasizing that in the last race in Imola, Mercedes' cars didn't progress in every aspect. Despite everything, they are trying to progress and make Mercedes a team that many will fear.

“I think we never had such clear indications like we’ve had in the last few races where we really saw that the car was either going really fast in the high speed or in the low speed, but never both of them together,” Wolff said, as quoted by Crash.

“That’s something that we are able now to slowly dial out.”

Wolff acknowledged that Mercedes' current level of performance falls short of expectations, describing it as simply "not good enough." However, he emphasized that the team is now on the right path after two seasons of inconsistent progress.

He explained the importance of having a stable platform, referring to a car where the development direction is clear and performance improvements are predictable. In the past, Mercedes had experienced uncertainty and fluctuation in this regard, leading to periods of false hope. This time, it's hard to be optimistic that things will look any different in the future.

Wolff admitted that there were fundamental aspects the team failed to recognize earlier, contributing to the current situation. Despite expressing frustration and anger, he highlighted the need for continuous improvement and a commitment to doing a better job.  If Mercedes wants to return to its former glory, they must change many things. In this atmosphere, it's hard to expect any improvement. However, fans of this team do not doubt that things will change in the future. The German team aims to be at the top, which is not the case at the moment.

When asked by a reporter whether the W15 has the correct aerodynamic architecture to reduce the gap to Red Bull, Wolff confirmed that it does.

The Mercedes boss also spoke about the car's basis, considering it more conventional. However, Wolff is happy that he can predict what might happen in the coming months and years. His expectations are that Mercedes will improve things and finally head in the right direction.

"The basis of the car is more conventional, in the sense of defining where we want to have downforce and how we want to generate aero efficiency.

We pretty much know where this is going and this is the advantage to let’s say the two years prior.” - he concluded.

Toto Wolff
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Lewis Hamilton reacts

Lewis Hamilton emphasized after the Imola race that it was important to secure points, but he still feels like they're in no man's land. However, the Briton is pleased with his team's performance, considering it a strong finish. These could be signs that Mercedes might improve going forward. Hamilton, who typically hasn't been overly optimistic, now seems to believe that things could turn around for the better.

“We got points, that’s a positive,” he said.

“We’re in the middle of no man’s land. But that’s a strong finish, in general, for us. I don’t think there was much more to get.”

Hamilton downplayed the idea that it's been tough for Mercedes. He explained that it's simply the current situation they find themselves in, so they need to make the most of it. In his view, they did their best given the circumstances.

Although he will be part of Ferrari from the next season onwards, Hamilton still firmly believes in Mercedes and wants to achieve positive results with them. He is aware that he is part of this team until the end of the season, which emphasizes that he will do everything in his power to contribute to the team's progress. He has fond memories of this team, considering the number of championships won and all the great victories he has had.

However, every story has its end, and so does this one. The Briton is aware that he must turn a new page in his career and make a decision that is important for his career. The choice has fallen on Ferrari, a team that has ambitions to fight for the championship in the future. Hamilton will be an important piece in that battle, considering his quality and experience.

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