F1 Legend on Verstappen's Imola Win: He's Slightly Better Than the Rest, Isn't He?

"He’s slightly better than the rest, isn’t he? He had to use that talent to win this race."

by Sead Dedovic
F1 Legend on Verstappen's Imola Win: He's Slightly Better Than the Rest, Isn't He?
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Damon Hill, a man who once dominated the F1 scene, commented on Max Verstappen's victory at Imola. The Dutchman managed to secure his fifth win of the season in a race that was uncertain until the very end. McLaren also looked impressive, with Lando Norris coming so close to his second career victory. 

Hill believes that in this race, Max Verstappen showed that talent sometimes prevails more than the car itself. This race didn't look like previous ones where the Red Bull car seemed dominant. 

The Dutchman utilized the full potential of the car and managed to claim victory. The question is whether anyone else could have achieved what Verstappen did in this race. 

Damon Hill believes that Verstappen is currently ahead of everyone, also mentioning Lando Norris, who was impressive.

“He is paid a lot of money. He should be working hard,” Hill said on Sky Sports, as quoted by Crash.

“Those ones provide more satisfaction. He knows that he won that race, he got pole position. They hadn’t given him a dominant car.

He’s slightly better than the rest, isn’t he? He had to use that talent to win this race.

Great to see Lando as well. Somehow the stars are aligning for this to be an interesting rivalry between these two, this season.”

Damon Hill
Damon Hill© Phil Inglis / Getty Images Sport

Former W Series driver Naomi Schiff also reacted to the last race.

Schiff mentioned that the contrast between Lando's frustration and Max's delight highlights the intensity of the competition between them. She remarked that it's refreshing to see Red Bull facing some pressure after being too dominant for too long.

Red Bull has been a dominant force in Formula 1 for several years now, especially in recent seasons. Their lengthy dominance may not sit well with some fans who desire a more competitive F1 scene. When a team like Red Bull has been leading the pack for multiple seasons, many are disappointed and eager to see changes. However, the Austrian team remains firm in their philosophy and boasts a driver who is considered by many to be the best at the moment.

Recognizing Max's impressive performance under pressure, Schiff mentioned that he had to manage the race with Lando closing in on him, particularly with technical challenges like battery depletion and manual adjustments on the steering wheel.

Schiff emphasized that such intense battles between top drivers, like the one seen at the end of the race, are what fans crave. She suggested that with just a couple more laps, spectators would have witnessed an even closer battle for victory.

Many are already thinking about the upcoming races, happy that F1 has become more competitive lately. The previous season didn't bring anything particularly exciting, as the Dutchman led the way from the first to the last race. The same was expected this time, but it didn't happen.

Hill commented on Lando's performance, considering him to be maximally focused like never before. Watching the battle between two brilliant drivers is also why many follow F1 and hope for exciting races.

Max Verstappen reveals his problems after the race

This race, besides being exciting, was also demanding for everyone involved. Verstappen was delighted with the victory, but after the race, he also highlighted the challenges he faced.

He expressed feeling physically exhausted due to the bumps on the track. The uneven surface caused discomfort, particularly in his back, despite not being physically strained initially.

Verstappen mentioned that after approximately 20 laps, the discomfort intensified, producing a need for rest and recovery. He mentioned plans for rest, pain relief, and a massage to address the strain endured during the race.

Verstappen also addressed the issues during the final stint, emphasizing that he couldn't get the tires to work. The situation was worsening rapidly, and the Dutchman felt like he was driving on ice. Red Bull faced numerous challenges during Imola, so it will be crucial for them to identify their mistakes and rectify them in the upcoming races. Red Bull is increasingly encountering problems, but these are also moments where Verstappen must showcase his best, as was the case in the last race. Verstappen has no intention of giving up even when things are not ideal.

“I just couldn't really get the tyres to work.

It just felt like they were not operating in the right temperature window. And that just got worse and worse. So the last 15 laps for me was really like driving on ice.

They were not responding anymore. So that's something that we have to analyse.”- Max Verstappen concluded. 

The next race for Max Verstappen will be Monaco, an opportunity to once again showcase his dominance. After the Imola race, many are looking forward to Monaco.