Lando Norris: I was just praying for one more lap

Norris believed that with just one more lap, he could have seriously challenged Verstappen

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris: I was just praying for one more lap
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Lando Norris was once again close to achieving his second victory in his career, following his previous win in Miami. However, in the tightest finish of the season, Norris finished 0.7s behind Max Verstappen. Despite not many expecting him to achieve a great result, the Dutchman managed to bounce back after a not-so-great practice and secure the win. Norris revealed in media interviews what he would do differently if he were to race again. The great Briton is surely disappointed, aware of how close he was to victory.

“I would probably take out like four holes of front wing and do the same again. Like Max said, once the tyres are where they are, you can't actually do a lot."- he said, as quoted by Crash.

Lando Norris: We were expecting it to be a little bit colder today than what it was

Norris and his team expected colder weather than what it turned out to be, so they prepared the car for such conditions. Unfortunately, they didn't make the right decision, which ultimately cost them the victory. However, Norris can still be pleased with his performance, as this is a sign of better days ahead.

McLaren has made significant progress and seems to be the only team alongside Ferrari that has the potential and strength to challenge Red Bull, if not this season, then at least in the next. In addition to that, the drivers they have are a guarantee that McLaren can achieve great results. Lando Norris impresses everyone day by day.

“So, I mean, we were expecting it to be a little bit colder today than what it was. So we kind of set up the car more for colder conditions rather than hot. And I think I paid the price in general. So that's why I had to do so much of an introduction to the tyres and kind of bring them up so gently and look after them."- he continued.

Lando Norris
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Lando Norris knew he had to enter this race with immense focus, aware that it would be tough. Despite everything, he managed to withstand the pressure from Charles Leclerc and found the rhythm he needed.

“Because if I didn't, I just would have fallen off a cliff like the others did. So my only chance was to drive my race. And that meant being under pressure from Charles for more laps than I would have liked. But as soon as I kind of cleared the traffic and got back into my own rhythm, then I felt good with the car."- Norris said.

During the race, Norris registered that the tires regained grip, allowing him to push harder, which boosted his confidence and led to an impressive pace. He considered this development a positive sign, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a strong race pace. 

However, he stressed that hotter temperatures and increased rear tire degradation posed challenges, a known issue for the team. Reflecting on the race, Norris suggested that they could have better anticipated these conditions but expressed satisfaction with the overall outcome.

Lando Norris believes he could have been more competitive if there had been one more lap

Norris believed that with just one more lap, he could have seriously challenged Verstappen for the race lead. Conveying his view, he expressed a wish for an additional lap, feeling he had given his all in pushing to catch up and create an opportunity. 

However, he registered the challenges of maintaining performance when within two seconds of the leader, as downforce and grip diminish while tire temperatures rise. Although he faced struggles for a couple of laps, he eventually adjusted his driving style to close the gap. Reflecting on the race's outcome, Norris grieved the missed opportunity, identifying the team's early race struggles.

Donald Trump and Lando Norris
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Despite everything, the 24-year-old Briton has every reason to be happy considering that his car is becoming more competitive, with signs that he could challenge Verstappen for the top spots as the season progresses. It's too early to say, but the last two races of Lando Norris give optimism for exciting things ahead.

Max Verstappen once again showed why he has been at the top for several years, as he seems unstoppable. The Dutchman has once again hinted that this will be his season, and that he will achieve victory. Although things are not going as perfectly as last season, everything is good as long as Max keeps winning.

We will see what both of them will offer us in the upcoming races, and whether Norris really has the quality to compete with Max Verstappen until the end. We hope for excitement.

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