Wolf: "We're going to lose a lot of downforces and we're all going to feel the loss."

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Wolf: "We're going to lose a lot of downforces and we're all going to feel the loss."

Co-owner and head of Mercedes F1 team Toto Wolff believes DAS was not a big advantage for his team and the dominant last season but admits that he will have to compensate for his loss in some way since the system has been banned since this year.

At last year’s pre-season testing, Mercedes surprised with an innovative two-axle steering system that allowed the toe wheel angle to change while driving by moving the steering wheel in-depth, and despite rival dissatisfaction, the DAS was declared legal.

But to prevent the costs required for its development, the FIA ​​has decided to ban the system from 2021, so Mercedes will have to design the new F1 W12 without the DAS that helped them achieve the ideal temperature of the front tires.

Although DAS is an interesting component of the car and helped his team, Wolf still believes that DAS is not a crucial factor for good results and that it will not be difficult without it “It was a good tool that helped us warm up the tires,” Wolff said.

"But it wasn't a key element as it was often mentioned."

Other options

Now his team will have to think carefully about some other options that would help them and with which they could fix their car. "We're going to have to compensate for that in some other way."

"We just have to do our job, no matter what the rules are." Although a major rule change is scheduled for 2022, when cars will lose large amounts of downforce, the rule change for 2021 with smaller floor dimensions in front of the rear wheels is not negligible and a downforce loss of around 10% is expected.

Formula 1 has recently introduced new measures and new rules that would improve quality and competition in Formula 1. In 2021, there will be a change in the rules where teams will have to adjust and it will be interesting to see how they manage.

Wolf believes that they should focus first on these changes, and only then on those in 2022 “Everyone is talking about changing the rules for 2022,” he said. "But we already have a pretty drastic change for 2021."

"We're going to lose a lot of downforces and we're all going to feel the loss." Mercedes previously revealed that they stopped the development of last year's F1 W11 car much earlier due to the great advantage they had over rivals, and the last improvement they brought to the Belgian GP at Spa Francorchamps.