Red Bull Chief on Newey: Regardless of His Name, He Can Disclose Secrets to Rivals

"It doesn’t matter about your name, the risk [of] picking up some current IP on the car for sure, and the future car even more."

by Sead Dedovic
Red Bull Chief on Newey: Regardless of His Name, He Can Disclose Secrets to Rivals
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Currently, but from the next season onwards, the former Chief Technical Officer of the Red Bull Racing F1 team, Adrian Newey, is not involved in all of Red Bull's operations this season, after confirming that he will part ways with Red Bull after the end of the season, uncertain about his future. 

Newey emphasized that he doesn't intend to immediately seek another team but doesn't rule out any option in the future. 

The 65-year-old, who has been part of this team since 2006, believes that it's time to part ways after great years with the team and the fact that they've created a team that currently leads the way. 

Red Bull Technical Director, Pierre Wache, is cautious regarding Newey, considering that a key figure of this team must be excluded from discussions about the future of Red Bull's car, fearing that Newey could exploit such information. Wache is evidently afraid that Newey could find another team and disclose Red Bull's intentions and some details that must remain secret. Wache stresses that regardless of how big one's name is, it's more important to prioritize the team.

“At the moment currently, as going with the potential ability to go to a competitor, you know every lever. It doesn’t matter about your name, the risk [of] picking up some current IP on the car for sure, and the future car even more. We are making very careful [steps]. I learned that from him!”-Wache told Sky Sports F1, as quoted by Express.

Pierre Waché and Max Verstappen
Pierre Waché and Max Verstappen© Peter Fox / Getty Images Sport

Just after Newey confirmed his departure from the team, rumors surfaced regarding his future. Some speculate that the future of this brilliant man lies with Ferrari, a team that has ambitions to be the main contender for the championship in the coming seasons. 

The heads at Ferrari are tired of the same storyline season after season, hoping that the next year brings something brighter. Adrian confirmed that he is tired but will likely seek a new team at some point in the future. He is seriously considering such an option, and his intentions are probably to remain a part of the F1 scene for another four or five years.

Ferrari team principal, Fred Vasseur, is a man who knows Adrian Newey well and is aware of what such a name would bring to his team in the future. Some consider Newey to be most responsible for the rapid progress of Red Bull and the successes they have achieved in past seasons. Therefore, it's hard to imagine that any top teams wouldn't be interested in him and strive to hire him.

Vasseur is often questioned by the media about whether Ferrari truly intends to engage Newey, but his responses can often be intricate.

Fred Vasseur didn't reveal much. He acknowledged Adrian's impressive track record, labeling him as the most successful engineer in the paddock. However, Vasseur refrained from making any comments on the matter.

Frederic Vasseur and his goals

Vasseur is also a prominent figure in the F1 scene, especially since his takeover from Mattia Binotto as team principal. Under his leadership, Ferrari has made significant progress and become a respected team, consistently competing for podiums race after race. Vasseur is a persona who, together with Newey, potentially has a winning formula, but primarily they will need to engage Newey to determine if they are truly ready for the biggest endeavors.

Vasseur stresses that the priority for his team is to focus on short-term goals, hoping to achieve significant success this season. Charles Leclerc is doing a fantastic job, and the amazing performance from Carlos Sainz should not be overlooked either. Ferrari's team principal confirmed that everyone within the team is giving their most, with the intention of building both the present and a better future for the team. Vasseur firmly believes that this team has the potential to win championships.

"We are speaking about the long term and the short term, but we are at the phase of the season where the short term is crucial. We are pushing like hell. I trust the guys that we have in the team, but then the future will be the future."- Fred Vasseur said.

Ferrari's current focus is on gradual improvements, taking small steps forward. Vasseur trusts the team members' capabilities and believes they are performing well. He highlights the progress made compared to the same period last year, showing a important reduction in the performance gap. However, Vasseur acknowledges that there's still work to be done, as Red Bull remains slightly ahead in his assessment.

We'll see how much Ferrari can achieve this season and if they can keep up the pace until the end of the season.

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