Max Verstappen furious at Lewis Hamilton: It's just not the first time

Verstappen is disappointed with Hamilton's behavior during practice at Imola

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen furious at Lewis Hamilton: It's just not the first time
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Max Verstappen wasn't happy with Lewis Hamilton's behavior during practice for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. The Dutchman couldn't be pleased with his own result either, considering he finished seventh. Furthermore, the 26-year-old complained numerous times about the issues he had with his car. 

Max Verstappen remained particularly frustrated with Lewis Hamilton's conduct, who didn't leave him space for an overtake. This excellent driver couldn't tolerate Hamilton's behavior, after which he threw his fists up in the air. Although Lewis apologized with both hands, some are still unhappy with the Briton's performance, feeling he went too far this time. Verstappen emphasized in media interviews that Hamilton has done this before, and these are situations that Formula 1 fans have seen before.

"It's just not the first time. You try to of course always stay calm about it, but yes, it happened again at the other end also. I don't want to really talk about it too much because that's not our issue."-he said, as quoted by Express.

Although many expected the 26-year-old to have an easy task from the beginning of the season, things haven't been ideal especially in the last two races. Verstappen believes that his team has a lot of room for improvement and they need to work on many things. If they don't solve the problem soon, the situation will become more critical, despite the fact that Verstappen is still leading.

"A few things that we have to look at because today, yes, it was bad. This is just not comfortable. Also, the long run was really bad. So yes, definitely a few things that we have to improve if we want to be competitive tomorrow.”- he continued.

It is known that Mercedes and Red Bull had a strong rivalry a few years ago, especially in the 2021 season, when Verstappen secured victory in the final moments of the last race, leaving everyone in shock. Animosity and tension between these two teams, and their drivers, have existed much earlier, and it seems they will never disappear. Verstappen is a driver who dominates from race to race, and such a situation certainly doesn't suit the Mercedes leadership, who are far from winning the championship anyway.

Hamilton acknowledged Verstappen's honesty and found it admirable. He described their race as intense but enjoyable, admitting that he enjoys racing hard. Despite the competitiveness, Hamilton stated that he wasn't angered by the situation.

Lewis Hamilton at Imola 2024
Lewis Hamilton at Imola 2024© Lars Baron/Getty Images Sport

Lewis Hamilton wants to take advantage of the current situation and improve things at least in the remainder of the season. The current situation doesn't suit him, considering he is far from the goals set at the beginning of this season. The Briton has no intention of focusing on the failures in the previous races, hoping that Imola can be a turning point of the season or at least a positive result that will create additional euphoria and motivation within the team.

Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko, is concerned after the initial failure at Imola

Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko, commented on the issues not only with Verstappen during practice but also with Sergio Perez, who has also been excellent this season. Marko admitted that he is more troubled by the fact that Verstappen is having problems. Marko emphasizes that if Verstappen cannot control things, it is a sign that the situation cannot be positive in any way.

"Both drivers have about the same problems, but fighting with the rear we have had more often. What worries me more is that Verstappen has problems with it. That means he can't get control of it. And if Verstappen can't do that, then something is well wrong."- Helmut Marko said.

Helmut Marko still hopes that the situation can be somewhat different on Saturday, but he emphasizes that such problems can definitely be a cause for concern for Red Bull. After the start, some expected that the new season would offer an identical situation as the previous season, but the last two races, as well as the one in Australia, do not give much optimism that Red Bull can repeat the same. 

However, Red Bull is still leading, and they are still the main favorites for winning. The rest of the season will confirm how much the Austrian team can achieve going forward, and whether some of the races were just coincidental. 

Ferrari carefully monitors the situation, hoping they can spoil Red Bull's plans. Charles Leclerc finished first during the second free practice, which is certainly a huge step for this team. He is currently in third place with 98 points, while the leader Verstappen has 136 points.

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