Ferrari's Interesting Changes: Charles Leclerc Confirms He Had No Influence

Ferrari makes interesting moves, which indicate that this Italian team has serious ambitions

by Sead Dedovic
Ferrari's Interesting Changes: Charles Leclerc Confirms He Had No Influence
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Ferrari has decided to make some changes within the team to move in the right direction. One of the first changes is that Xavier Marcos will no longer be Charles Leclerc's race engineer. Bryan Bozzi will take his place, who used to be Leclerc's performance engineer. The 26-year-old Monegasque revealed in a media interview whether he had any influence on such changes. This young driver confirmed that it was the team that decided to make these moves, aiming to be better in the remainder of the season, targeting the top spot.

“Obviously, it’s very tight in the front and everything makes a difference,” Leclerc told media including RacingNews365.

“However, the decision was made between the team and Xavi. They’ve had other plans in mind, I guess. It was communicated to me right after Miami."

Charles Leclerc is happy that Bryan will be his race engineer since they have had the opportunity to collaborate for a long time. Leclerc enjoys working with him, especially because Bozzi is someone with top-notch qualities and someone who strives to give his all to help the team. The Monegasque driver emphasizes that this doesn't mean a fresh start, which will certainly ease the situation for everyone within the team. Leclerc is focused on the challenges ahead, intending to help Ferrari be at the top.

“Having said that, Bryan, who will take the role of Xavi from now onwards, is a person I have been working with since I arrived in Ferrari.

He’s always been my performance engineer, so he knows exactly how everything works. It’s not like I’m starting from zero and it’s going to be a complete adaptation.

It’s been super smooth until now and I’m sure that it will continue that way and we will be at our 100% already from this weekend.”

It's hard to expect this team to start off furiously in the continuation and stop Red Bull, but if they were to finish second, it would certainly be a big deal for everyone within the team. Red Bull is still the team calling the shots, and it's really hard to expect Ferrari or McLaren potentially disrupting their plans. Max Verstappen intends to raise a few more trophies.

Leclerc has previously expressed frustration with communication during races, particularly over team radio, but he clarified that he doesn't see it as an issue with Marcos.

He explained that communication has always been a priority for him and his team, emphasizing the importance of maintaining an open dialogue for overall performance improvement. Leclerc stated that he aims for a smooth transition with the new engineer and doesn't perceive past communication challenges as important problems.

The 26-year-old driver confirmed that Ferrari will arrive with an upgrade for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Fans still don't know what to expect, but they hope that these upgrades will prove to be the real deal and that Ferrari could potentially compete for the win in this race. The Italian team has huge ambitions when it comes to this race.

Leclerc indicated that the recent filming day primarily served filming purposes, lacking substantial data for analysis. He cautioned against placing too much emphasis on visual observations alone, urging for cautious optimism and avoiding unrealistic expectations. Leclerc expressed belief that the upgrades represent progress for Ferrari, but stressed the necessity of validating their effectiveness. While confident in their potential, he emphasized the need to ascertain the extent of their impact.

One can feel a certain amount of caution in the Monegaskan's words, given that he is aware that it is sometimes difficult to make the right predictions.

Ferrari's future with Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton

The 26-year-old driver is determined to put recent events behind him as soon as possible, ready to assist Ferrari in their quest for championship contention in the upcoming seasons. His teammate will be Lewis Hamilton, which could potentially ease matters for Leclerc and the team. Hamilton's experience and qualities could help the Italian team return to the winner's circle.

Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton
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For such an achievement, of course, it is essential for both drivers to have a car capable of competing with their opponents, in this case, Red Bull, which is assumed to remain the main contender for the championship in the coming seasons.

The Monegasque driver has been a fan of this team since childhood. Even as a child, he followed Ferrari's performances and dreamed of one day wearing the colors of this team. By fulfilling his dream, Leclerc would like to meet the expectations of both the team's leaders and the fans and bring them the championship trophy. Formula 1 becomes more competitive from season to season, so it will be a challenging task.

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