Frederic Vasseur on Ferrari's Primary Goal Next Season: Hamilton Can Be Happy

Vasseur has huge expectations for the next season

by Sead Dedovic
Frederic Vasseur on Ferrari's Primary Goal Next Season: Hamilton Can Be Happy
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Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur is a man with enormous expectations for the upcoming season when it comes to his team. This experienced figure in the F1 scene is ready to provide his drivers with everything to finally dethrone Red Bull. 

From next season, a part of this team will be Lewis Hamilton, alongside the already-established Charles Leclerc, who is one of the quality drivers on the grid. 

Lewis Hamilton is still a part of Mercedes, and this season things haven't been going ideally for him. The experienced Briton is not in the fight for the top spot, and such a fact cannot please the 39-year-old. 

Vasseur, in a media interview, emphasized the future of this team, believing that the goal is to be faster than Red Bull. Frederic doesn't want to see the same situation season after season, probably tired of the Austrian team's dominance.

"The target is to be faster than [Red Bull], for sure. It's not to stay behind and to wait for something. Last year, I think with five or six tenths [of advantage] they were [winning] so easily, that even if they missed the start, they had enough margin to overtake one car per lap and after five laps they were P1 [again]."-Vasseur told Autosport.

The 55-year-old team principal is ready to steer Ferrari in the right direction and elevate them to the next level. The Italian team is performing well this season, considering they have frequently found themselves on the podium in many races, and even secured a victory in Australia led by Carlos Sainz. Vasseur, as an experienced figure in the F1 scene, is aware that sometimes it is crucial to take risks. Every team that has had dominance in a phase of F1 has had to take some risks.

Red Bull has also done the same, not knowing if it would actually pay off for them. Ultimately, this team led by Christian Horner has taken numerous risks and made brilliant moves, and they are now the team leading the way.

Vasseur intends to implement the same philosophy in Ferrari, which has been waiting for years for the opportunity to win the championship. It must be acknowledged that they look amazing this season, but they are still far from the rhythm that Red Bull has.

"I want to take some risks because our competitors are taking risks. I think it's the DNA of Red Bull, probably. They are always at the limit everywhere. I'm trying to push the culture of the company to be a bit more aggressive everywhere."- he continued.

Carlos Sainz and Frederic Vasseur
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Vasseur points out that opting for a cautious approach, where every aspect is kept on the safe side by adding margins for safety, might seem like the sensible choice. However, he highlights that this approach often leaves performance gains untapped, typically around three to four-tenths of a second. 

He emphasizes the importance of the team collectively embracing risk-taking, stating that he's at the forefront of advocating for this mindset shift. Additionally, he acknowledges that with risk comes the possibility of mistakes, but he's willing to accept them as part of the team's learning process.

In the words of this experienced individual, you can feel how ready he is to rapidly change things within the team. Throughout the history of this sport, Ferrari has had periods of dominance, demonstrating that they are a quality and respectable team. The crisis that has been ongoing for years must come to an end, and if they truly manage to lift the championship trophy, credit should go to Vasseur. 

Frederic Vasseur's career

After the departure of Mattia Binotto, the leaders of this team placed great hope in Vasseur, considering him the person who will bring a smile back to Ferrari fans' faces. 

Vasseur previously served as the team principal of Renault Sport, starting in 2016, but his tenure lasted only a year due to disagreements that arose. A year later, Vasseur joined the Sauber F1 team as managing director, CEO, and team principal. His adventure with this team lasted a bit longer, precisely four years, and in December 2022, Vasseur came to Ferrari, succeeding Binotto. 

It can be sensed that the team's leaders have immense confidence in him, which is clearly a huge motivator for this 55-year-old Frenchman to help them achieve their goals.

Even though they have slim chances of winning the championship this season, changes are expected next season that could lead them in the direction of contending for the trophy. We'll see, however, how much Ferrari, together with Hamilton and Leclerc, can achieve in the upcoming season and the seasons beyond that.

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