Jenson Button Warns Lewis Hamilton About Partnership with Charles Leclerc

"If Leclerc wanted to, he could make it really really difficult for Lewis and that team."

by Sead Dedovic
Jenson Button Warns Lewis Hamilton About Partnership with Charles Leclerc
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Jenson Button, the legendary F1 driver, commented on the fact that Lewis Hamilton will be racing for Ferrari from next season onwards. After a fantastic adventure with Mercedes that lasted for years, the Briton has decided it's time for a new career step. 

The Italian team will be the next destination for the experienced Briton, who is ready to fight for championship titles. 

During the Sky F1 podcast, Button put an accent on the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc, giving predictions on how it might unfold. Button expects the two of them to form a fantastic partnership, considering that Lewis has matured as a driver and appears much more relaxed than he used to be.

“I think if it was Lewis of sort of seven, eight years ago, it will be a tricky relationship.

But now, he just seems so relaxed in himself and no, I don’t think they’re going to have issues as being team-mates at all. No more than Carlos [Sainz] and Charles have right now."- Button said, as quoted by Planet F1!

The Briton expects this duo to work together brilliantly. The advantage is that Leclerc has been part of this team for years and knows the language. In addition, he can be of great help to Hamilton, who will have to adapt to a new environment in his later years.

“Do I think they’ll work well together? Yes. I think the positives that Charles has, he knows the team, speaks Italian. If he wanted to, he could make it really really difficult for Lewis and that team, the atmosphere."- he continued.

Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton
Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton© Robert Cianflone/Getty Images Sport

Button stressed that some might argue that such tactics are unsportsmanlike. However, he pointed out that it's a common aspect of racing, a view reflected by Nico Rosberg. Building a supportive team around someone is crucial in racing, as it provides strength to one driver while potentially weakening their teammate.

Despite this, Button expressed confidence in Hamilton's extensive experience, believing that he understands the dynamics at play. He expressed great anticipation for the competitive battle between teammates.

The Briton is aware of the dynamics within Ferrari, considering this team different from the others. He expects this duo to work together at Ferrari with the aim of influencing the team's progress. The difference between Ferrari and other teams lies in the fact that in other teams, the focus is often on the driver and their development, whereas at Ferrari, the emphasis is just on the team and how it can achieve results. 

Button is someone who has been in the F1 scene for years and understands how teams operate. Although many things change over the years, Button still believes in the philosophy of this team.

Button is excited about the opportunity to see how Lewis Hamilton will cope in this team. Considering his performance in the last two seasons, far from championship contention, it will be interesting to see how he will fight for the championship in Ferrari. The Italian team is one of those with enormous potential for the upcoming seasons. 

The team's leaders are tired of constant repetition without clinching the championship and are ready to take the necessary steps this time. Ferrari's performances this season speak volumes about the team's ambitions. Ferrari is currently the team closest to Red Bull, but they are still far from this team. Button is looking forward to the next season and expects exciting things to happen.

“It’s a different way of racing, definitely, for someone like Lewis, who is such a star in this sport. Suddenly, he’s kind of working for Ferrari to win the championship.

So I look forward to seeing the dynamic there and that’s going to be very exciting next year.”- Button concluded.

Lewis Hamilton explains his decision to join Ferrari

Reflecting on his decision to accept Ferrari's offer, Lewis Hamilton revealed the reasons behind what many considered a bizarre move. Despite previously extending his contract with Mercedes, with everyone expecting him to finish his career there, Hamilton changed his mind at the last minute. 

The Briton admitted that it was the toughest decision of his life, but when you haven't been achieving your goals in recent seasons, such a decision becomes logical to many. 

The experienced Briton looked back on the team's history, particularly emphasizing Michael Schumacher, the man who defined an era for the team. There are many memories tying him to this team since he was a child, so he knew that Ferrari could be the right move for the future.

Hamilton hopes for a successful adventure with this team, ready to help them win the championship after many years.

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