Lando Norris: The last two or three laps, I was really thinking how do I celebrate?

Norris was confident of his victory during the last laps

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris: The last two or three laps, I was really thinking how do I celebrate?
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Lando Norris achieved his first victory in Miami, long-awaited. This young Briton has been striving for podium finishes for seasons, as the first to cross the finish line, but he hadn't succeeded in such endeavors. 

The fact that Norris is racing in the era of Max Verstappen, who dominates race after race, is also a complicating factor for him. 

Despite everything, Norris demonstrated in the last race that it is possible to dethrone anyone, including the brilliant Dutchman. The young Briton knew how to celebrate his victory, and it's particularly impressive that he was already thinking about the celebration in the last two or three laps, confident that he would achieve victory.

In a media interview, the McLaren driver revealed what he was thinking about during the race and described how his celebration looked after his first career victory.

"The last two or three laps, I was really thinking how do I celebrate?" he said.

"I was calm," he said on the Radio 1 Breakfast show, as quoted by BBC

The young Briton was contemplating whether to lift the trophy with his right or left hand. Many thoughts were going through his mind, but despite the diversity of his thoughts, Norris managed to remain calm. Moments when you are close to your first victory are certainly moments that are difficult to describe accurately.

"I was thinking all these things while driving.

I finally got my first win. It's been a long time."

Norris knew how to celebrate his victory, and he was accompanied by Kansas City Chiefs player, Travis Kelce. This fantastic F1 driver had only words of praise for Kelce, who has rapidly increased his popularity in recent years. Norris confirmed that they exchanged numbers and hopes to stay in touch.

"He was an awesome guy," Lando says.

"We exchanged numbers and hopefully I can get to a game one day."

Norris expressed admiration for Travis Kelce, noting the noteworthy height difference between them but stressing Kelce's status as a legend.

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce© David Eulitt/Getty Images Sport

The Briton reflected on his childhood and the initial steps he took in the world of motorsport. Even as a child, he dreamed of becoming a driver, starting with go-karts, much like many others. Over the years, his love for racing grew, and at one point, he realized that he wanted to become part of the F1 scene when he grew older. Norris achieved his dream, and he will especially cherish his first victory in his F1 career. This accomplishment has solidified his place in the history of the sport.

Six years ago, Norris made his debut, hoping to achieve success in the years to come. He emphasized that winning is a challenging task, especially when facing the competition as it stands today. Although not explicitly mentioned, many believe there is a particular focus on Max Verstappen when discussing competition in the F1 scene. Norris confirmed that he had to give the trophy to the team but hopes he can buy a replica.

Lando Norris expressed his confidence a couple of days ago, stating that he firmly believes in their potential. He emphasized the strength of having two great drivers and an amazing team supporting them, stressing that they are closer than ever to achieving success. Reflecting on his earlier statement about winning races, he acknowledges that they should have the confidence to aim for even greater achievements in the upcoming year.

After such a victory for McLaren, many believe that this team will gain additional confidence and aim for numerous more wins in the upcoming period. When you have drivers like Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, then nothing is impossible. McLaren is considered a team with the greatest potential, but to take the next step, it is necessary for the leaders of this team to provide the drivers with a car capable of competing for championships.

Lando Norris and his expectations for the future

Norris's optimism is clear. Following the victory in Miami, Norris expects even greater things ahead, but the next season could offer the most when it comes to this team.

Norris explained that they are not yet at the level of their competitors and recognize that they need to improve. He emphasized the importance of remaining grounded and focused on the work ahead, even amidst celebrations. Looking ahead, Norris highlighted Silverstone as a crucial race where they aim to match the speed of their rivals. He expressed confidence that McLaren can win races this year and compete with teams like Red Bull and Ferrari, anticipating a compelling season ahead.

We will see if the Briton can offer us the same in the future, given that expectations from him are significantly higher after such a victory.

Lando Norris