Christian Horner's Comments Misaligned with Adrian Newey's Statements

“The ironic thing is, Newey has always hated every single regulation change."- Christian Horner said

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner's Comments Misaligned with Adrian Newey's Statements
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The departure of Adrian Newey from Red Bull has surprised fans of this sport, who are shocked by the decision of this 65-year-old. Although Newey is already in his later years, and at an age where many make similar decisions, he is someone without whom it is hard to imagine the Red Bull and F1 scene in general.

Immediately after his decision, various rumors started circulating, from Christian Horner being the main reason for Newey's decision, to this experienced chief technical officer being tired of responsibilities and ready to devote time to his family and rest.

Christian Horner had previously commented on Newey's decision, considering that everyone's career must come to an end at some point, including Newey's. However, the latest comments from Red Bull's team principal have stirred reactions. Namely, in a conversation with the media, Horner revealed another reason why Newey left the team, alluding to regulation changes.

“The ironic thing is, he has always hated every single regulation change."- Christian Horner said, as quoted by Express!

Horner also addressed the regulation changes in 2026, which will bring several alterations. At a time when Red Bull is doing exceptionally well, such changes could pose problems for the Austrian team. Adrian Newey is someone accustomed to adapting over the years, considering he has been part of this team for almost a decade.

"2026 is a unique one, because it's both chassis and engine regs. But it's a very different world these days with the cost cap and the restrictions that we have on resource.”- he continued.

What surprised many are Newey's comments regarding the regulations changes, which indicate a discrepancy between Horner's statements and Newey's views. Namely, Newey emphasized that the regulation changes are not a concern for him, as he is ready to adapt and enjoy what lies ahead. Newey put an accent on the recent regulation changes, considering them the most significant since 1983.

"I do enjoy regulation changes, for sure.

This current crop of regulations was the biggest regulations change we've had since 1983 when flat-bottom floors came in. So, I really enjoyed the challenge of all the research and detail design of that car."- Newey said.

Adrian Newey
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He mentioned that the two following cars are developments of the initial design, with the upcoming year's car being the third iteration. He described this progression as a satisfying series, stressing his surprise at the complexity involved in these cars. Initially uncertain about the regulations, he found the process enjoyable and fun upon closer examination.

Red Bull fans are somewhat surprised, given the discrepancy between Horner's and Newey's statements. Some view this as a sign of a certain conflict between the two, while others are uncertain about the sincerity of both Newey and Horner. Nonetheless, both have jointly written the history of this sport and Red Bull, leaving a significant legacy.

Horner still intends to remain part of this team, ready to assist them in pursuing several more championships. What is certain is that Horner will continue to have a leading role in the coming period, as his case gradually becomes the past, with fewer discussions about it.

Many are not pleased with Horner's ongoing presence in the F1 scene, believing that the court did not make the right decision, but the intentions of the Red Bull team principal are to remain and continue to support Red Bull in the future.

We will see how his remaining will affect the atmosphere within the team, and whether it will also impact the results this team achieves.

Adrian Newey could join Mercedes: Toto Wolff reacts

On the other hand, Adrian Newey has emphasized that he has no immediate intention of seeking engagement with another team, being prepared to take a period of rest. 

However, his passion and love for F1 are immense, making it difficult to expect that this 65-year-old will not continue his career elsewhere in the future. 

One of the potential destinations for his signature is Mercedes, a team eager to return to the winning ways, led by Toto Wolff

The Mercedes boss has acknowledged that Newey is an interesting option and a brilliant engineer, but he stresses that even the "greatest magician" would have a tough task solving the problems within the team at this moment. 

Toto Wolff is not satisfied with Mercedes' performances this season, thus actively searching for solutions, and Adrian Newey could be one of them. We will see if Mercedes will make further moves, considering there is much talk about Max Verstappen as one of the candidates for the vacant seat next year.

The F1 scene is currently calm, but a lot could change in the coming weeks and months.

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