Christian Horner on Adrian Newey's departure: We knew this time was coming

"With the team, and the strength and the engineering depth that we have, [Newey has chosen now] to step away."

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner on Adrian Newey's departure: We knew this time was coming
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Adrian Newey, chief technical officer at Red Bull Racing, has decided to leave the team, surprising everyone. The man who was, to some extent, the leader of this team and its main face, has taken a specific step that has not produced particularly positive reactions. 

Rumors immediately started circulating about the reasons behind Newey's decision. 

Of course, Christian Horner's incident was the first thing everyone thought of, considering that Horner and his case were seen as the root of the problem. Although there are still no concrete details about why Newey left the team, he mentioned a sense of fatigue in his explanation. 

According to Newey's statements, this is the main reason why he decided to leave the team. 

Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, addressed Newey's departure in a media interview, emphasizing that he knew there would come a time when Newey would say goodbye. In the moments when they formed the team dominating this season, and probably the next ones, Newey made a bizarre decision. Horner is sad that Adrian is leaving the team, but he's happy that he was one of the key people in forming the team that is currently at the top.

"We knew this time was coming. With the team, and the strength and the engineering depth that we have, [Newey has chosen now] to step away.

We've built a structure in place to be able to pick up the baton and carry on with it, and that's something that's been put in place over the last five or six years.

We'll be sad to see him leave, but he's left the team in good shape. And we've got a great team of people and strength and depth to take us forward."- Christian Horner said, as quoted by Racing News 365.

Christian Horner
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The 65-year-old will leave the team at the beginning of next year. Speculations about Adrian Newey's future have already begun. Several teams are being mentioned as his potential next destination, with Ferrari being the primary team associated with Newey. Besides Ferrari, Williams has also been frequently mentioned lately. However, analysts believe that there's a higher chance for Newey to continue his career at Ferrari, considering the Italian team's huge ambitions for the future. Ferrari is eager to dethrone Red Bull and become the leading team in the seasons ahead.

Newey is still unsure about the decision he'll make since his priority is to take a break, spend time with his family, and then consider his options. Christian Horner reflected on Newey's career and the moments he had at Williams and McLaren. Horner once again confirmed that he knew this day would come, given that Newey had been planning this move for quite some time. It seems that his passion and love for F1 were immense, and he couldn't leave this sport until now.

"Unfortunately, nothing is forever. Adrian was at Williams for seven years, he was at McLaren for seven years. We managed to have him for 18 years."- Horner said.

Horner is pleased with the current atmosphere within the team and the resources available to them. According to Horner's words, there's a positive atmosphere within the team, despite much talk about things not being ideal internally. Red Bull has been exceptional this season, as in previous ones, but Horner's case is precisely why there have been some divisions within the team, according to reports.

These are still speculations, and nothing has been confirmed. For the team's leaders, the most important thing is that they are on the right track to win another championship. That's where their focus lies the most.

Christian Horner: Newey did not participate in any briefings over the weekend

Christian Horner confirmed that Newey will not be involved in many aspects related to the team until the end of the season. Newey will not attend many meetings, as he is leaving after this season. The Red Bull team principal commented on the Miami race, in which his team failed to win. Horner affirmed that Newey was not part of the briefing during the weekend, except for those related to strategy.

"In Miami, Newey did not participate in any briefings over the weekend except for the one on strategy," said Horner. "He does not have access to any data and is not designing any pieces."

Horner confirmed that Newey will be focused on the RB17 until the end of his contract. Although he will participate in some races until the end of the season, it will primarily be those involving RB17 customers.

Red Bull must now look to the future without Newey and strive to find a suitable replacement. This will likely be someone experienced and capable of helping Red Bull continue in the same direction.

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