Helmut Marko Resolves Dilemmas Regarding Daniel Ricciardo's Future

Ricciardo's poor performances this season caused various debates

by Sead Dedovic
Helmut Marko Resolves Dilemmas Regarding Daniel Ricciardo's Future
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Daniel Ricciardo's future is always an interesting topic, considering that the brilliant Australian isn't shining this season in the RB Formula One team. Ricciardo is far from his true form, the one we used to have the chance to witness. Questions immediately began to arise; What is the future of this driver? 

Judging by everything, Ricciardo won't stay long in the RB Team, considering there are several drivers waiting for their chance, and his performances are not top-notch. 

What might cheer Ricciardo up are the statements from Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko, who has been direct when it comes to Ricciardo's future. Although Liam Lawson is mentioned as one of the candidates to succeed Ricciardo, it seems that won't be the case. In a column for Speedweek, Marko confirmed that such rumors are nonsense.

“The rumours that Ricciardo will be replaced by Liam Lawson at Imola are nonsense,” Marko wrote. 

“Liam's manager from New Zealand was there, apparently he has certain dreams and they are made known through some media - including from New Zealand. Nothing at all is planned in Imola.”

Helmut Marko confirmed that he will give thorough consideration to Lawson and his future, aware that this 22-year-old New Zealander possesses qualities. Although a relatively young driver, he shows great promise at this moment.

Marko praised Ricciardo's improved performance in the Miami sprint race, highlighting his fourth-place finish as remarkable. He specifically pointed out Ricciardo's impressive time in Sector 3, which primarily comprises slow curves. Marko explained that precise driving in this sector can lead to important time gains but also emphasized that mistakes are particularly costly due to the slow speeds involved.

Ricciardo has always been a driver who showed promise throughout his career, but lately, these haven't been the performances we're accustomed to seeing from him. However, the race in Miami could be a sign of better things to come for the Australian, who at this moment has the potential to return to the winner's circle and meet the expectations of the team's leaders. Ricciardo surely can do it, but he needs to catch momentum and aim for the top.

Marko is still not aware of what is happening with Ricciardo and why his performances are not as they used to be. He noted that Ricciardo's mistake during qualifying, despite his strong performance in the sprint race, led to his elimination in Q1. Additionally, Marko observed that Ricciardo struggled to find his rhythm in the race, lacking the speed and confidence he demonstrated earlier.

Yuki Tsunoda:The amount of progress we’re having is so fast

Yuki Tsunoda, a 23-year-old Japanese driver, appears to be performing significantly better this season, showing readiness to finally turn things in his favor. Tsunoda hasn't excelled in previous seasons, but he recognized that this season presented an opportunity to make a breakthrough and achieve great things in his career. 

Yuki Tsunoda
Yuki Tsunoda© Rudy Carezzevoli/Getty Images Sport

Tsunoda has never denied dreaming of big achievements and competing on the F1 stage. Now that he's been here for a few seasons, he wants to seize this chance and strive for the top.

Yuki Tsunoda has every reason to be happy, especially after the last race in Miami, where he secured P7. This young driver has pointed out that his team usually finishes most races at P10. However, recently, they have made significant progress, which delights the Japanese driver, who had hoped that this team could make a leap forward. Tsunoda and Ricciardo are both quality drivers, with great qualities, and the confirmation of this came in Miami.

“Every race so far, we’re always driving  -at least – around P10. In most of the races, we score points, and recently, it’s not just P10,” -Tsunoda said.

“Recently, it’s not even just P10 – [It’s] P8, P9, P7, P4. So I mean, the amount of progress we’re having is so fast."

Tsunoda emphasized that despite their progress, they are still not at the level of Mercedes. What he can be happy about is that his team has had pace, even a faster pace than Mercedes, which is not performing brilliantly this season. 

The Japanese driver hopes that in the future, his team can be equally competitive and aim for P5 in the team rankings. 

Although he is aware that F1 is filled with quality teams, especially in the top 5, his hope is still to achieve a noteworthy result. The next race will be an opportunity for him and his teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, to achieve a great result. We will see if this duo can succeed in that.

Formula 1 is particularly exciting this season with numerous outstanding drivers and teams aiming to make a breakthrough and achieve positive results.

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