Hamilton on leaving Mercedes: When you’re not winning, your perspective has to shift

Hamilton expressed that his decision was extremely difficult, underlining the emotional weight it carried

by Sead Dedovic
Hamilton on leaving Mercedes: When you’re not winning, your perspective has to shift
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Lewis Hamilton was expected to remain with Mercedes until the end of his career, but the Briton made a decision that surprised fans of this sport. Hamilton will be part of Ferrari from the next season, a team with huge ambitions in the upcoming seasons. 

The intentions of the leaders of this team are to win the championship in the upcoming seasons. 

Lewis Hamilton never wanted to go into details about his decision, but before the race in Miami, he decided to speak emotionally about his decision. 

Hamilton emphasized that such a decision was not easy to make, considering all the memories during his adventure with Mercedes. 

Hamilton and Mercedes are one of the most beautiful stories in the world of F1.

“For me, this whole journey has been massively emotional, just because I have so much love for this team. I’m not leaving because i’m unhappy there, I’m not leaving because of relationship issues,” Hamilton said, as quoted by Total Motorsport

Mercedes is in crisis this season, but they have also faced enormous problems in previous seasons. Although Mercedes was a team fighting for championship titles, the situation is now completely different. Lewis is a driver who has always strived to be at the top and win. 

However, this situation does not suit him now, as Mercedes cannot compete for the top spot. Red Bull has absolute dominance this season and the previous ones, and all indications suggest that we will see the same scenario as last year. 

The Briton has confirmed that the atmosphere where it's difficult to even come close to victory is not the atmosphere Hamilton wants to be in. It is imperative for him to help Mercedes progress, but when such a situation persists for years, it is not easy to stay dedicated and committed. It seems that Hamilton expected the leaders of this team to solve the problems much earlier.

“It’s been tough of course, we exist to win. When you’re not winning, your perspective has to shift. It’s about thinking, how we can make improvements? How can we get back to where we want to be? I actually really enjoyed that experience. But three years in… it’s like ‘OK, I’ve had enough of this. Let’s get back to where we belong’.”- he continued.

Hamilton expressed that the current situation is particularly difficult for him. He emphasized that everyone within the team desires a successful season and acknowledges the hard work put in by all team members at the factory. Despite the challenges, Hamilton sees this period as a transitional experience. He noted that the team has undergone bonding moments and shared vulnerabilities during tough times, which has brought them closer together and facilitated growth.

The 39-year-old likely expects the situation at Ferrari to be somewhat different, aiming to contend for the top spot. The Italian team has been excellent this season, with the intention to remain where they are. It's reasonable to expect that they could disrupt Red Bull's plans, but finishing the season as a team behind Red Bull is certainly a noteworthy achievement. 

Their ambitions and appetite will grow in the upcoming seasons. This team has been waiting for championship victories for a long time, and Hamilton may potentially be the person to lift the curse from this team.

In February of this year, the Briton spoke about the decision to join Ferrari. Such a decision was anything but easy. It took time for the Briton to consider whether it was the best decision for him and what consequences might follow. Likely frustrated by Mercedes' poor performances, Hamilton realized that it was time for a new chapter.

Lewis Hamilton on his decision

Hamilton expressed that his decision was extremely difficult, underlining the emotional weight it carried. He emphasized his long-standing relationship with Mercedes, spanning 26 years of support and an incredible journey together. Hamilton took pride in the history they've created within the sport and expressed gratitude for their achievements, indicating the depth of his connection with the team.

Lewis Hamilton
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Hamilton spoke about the decision to extend his contract with Mercedes last summer, but after some time, he received an opportunity he wanted to seize. Being a part of this team for many years and then changing teams is not easy. 

Hamilton is ready to adapt to a new environment and challenges. This year, it's difficult to expect great results, considering that so far Hamilton, like his team, hasn't shown much. The next season could be one of the more interesting ones considering the changes in the F1 scene.

Some are questioning Max Verstappen's future, hoping that he might also leave Red Bull, which is indeed somewhat unrealistic at this moment. However, nothing should be ruled out.

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