Carlos Sainz Frustrated After Miami GP: Charles Leclerc Also Reacts

“We cannot control when a Safety Car is going to come out."- Sainz said.

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Sainz Frustrated After Miami GP: Charles Leclerc Also Reacts
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Ferrari's driver Carlos Sainz, after his victory in Australia, had huge ambitions for the upcoming races. The Spaniard is particularly motivated to achieve a good result, especially considering that he will be leaving the team at the end of this season, with Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes taking his place. 

Despite Sainz moving on to new horizons at the end of the season, he is equally motivated to achieve great results for Ferrari. 

The last race in Miami showed certain weaknesses for Ferrari but also showcased McLaren's strength. 

Lando Norris managed to secure his first career victory. 

Carlos Sainz finished the last race in 5th place but was not satisfied with his performance. The Spaniard believes that the Safety Car played a significant role and that they could have even secured a victory. In an interview with F1, Sainz reflected on his race, placing particular emphasis on Sergio Perez.

“Well, I think today I did a really good start; I was P2 into Turn One, and like they say in the old school days, ‘Checo came like a torpedo’ and nearly took us all with him."- he said, as quoted by Formula Nerds.

Sainz believes he could have achieved much more, but the Safety Car disrupted his plans. The most important thing for him is that he had the pace and felt he could achieve a good result.

“We took avoiding action, and I lost two positions for that move. From there I had good pace like I said if we would of extended one more lap we could of won this race like Lando did because we boxed just a lap before the Safety Car and we were ahead of Lando at the time. "- he continued.

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz© Clive Rose/Getty Images Sport

The Spaniard admitted to feeling frustration with his performance, the start, and Oscar Piastri emphasizing that he ran off the track. The 29-year-old driver confirmed they had contact and then had to be aggressive to overtake because they had issues with overtaking. 

Carlos recalled a moment during Turn 17, emphasizing they had pace until the end, but couldn't capitalize because it was already too late. Ferrari is the team closest to Red Bull this season, although it's still far from being called a rivalry. 

Sainz is a professional driver who gives his all to disrupt the plans of other teams, primarily Red Bull, but their car isn't the same in every race, which presents a massive problem.

Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris know each other well, having been teammates in the past. The Spaniard is happy for Norris's success and his brilliant career. Sainz stresses that Norris deserved this victory, considering how long he has waited for it. Additionally, Norris believes that Norris deserves the luck.

Charles Leclerc's impressions after the Miami GP

Carlos Sainz's teammate, Charles Leclerc, looked somewhat better during the race and finished third. He will remain part of Ferrari next season and will aim, along with Lewis Hamilton, to reach the top. Leclerc emphasized after the race that his team did a great job considering the situation they found themselves in. He highlighted that there are some things they cannot control.

“We cannot control when a Safety Car is going to come out, so we stopped maybe a little bit too early, but I’m sure there are reasons.

I haven’t had time yet to speak with the team to understand the reasons why we stopped early. "- Charles Leclerc said.

Leclerc pointed out that being caught out by the Safety Car meant he found himself in a disadvantaged position, sandwiched in the middle of the pack with extremely worn tires compared to his rivals. However, he commended the team for their efforts in managing this challenge effectively.

Leclerc explained that at the beginning of the race, he, Carlos Sainz, and Checo Perez were fortunate to emerge unscathed from any incidents. He suggested that Perez may have been overly optimistic in his approach during that phase of the race.

The drivers of Ferrari intend to close the gap to Red Bull by the end of the season. If they cannot compete for the championship (which is likely), they will at least try to reduce the distance to the Austrian team. 

Starting from the next seasons, their ambitions will be to compete for the championship. 

Looking at the teams in F1, it seems that Ferrari is working the hardest in that direction. This Italian team has been waiting for years for one of their drivers to achieve great success and win the championship. 

At this moment, it's difficult for them to achieve such a feat, but their engagement with Lewis Hamilton alone speaks volumes about their ambition.

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