Jenson Button on How Victory Will Impact Lando Norris and What Will Change

Button, as a man with vast experience, predicts how Norris' victory could affect him

by Sead Dedovic
Jenson Button on How Victory Will Impact Lando Norris and What Will Change
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After his victory in Miami, questions about Lando Norris's future are already being raised. It's difficult to predict whether Norris can replicate the same success in the upcoming races, but judging by the fans' reactions, few are optimistic about seeing a repeat scenario. 

The dominance of Red Bull is one reason for this skepticism. Fans of the sport expect Red Bull to show their true potential in the next races and continue where they left off. 

Former F1 driver Jenson Button shared his thoughts on the future of F1 and Lando Norris. 

Following the Miami race, Button discussed the victory and the potential impact it could have on Norris. The young Briton finally achieved his dream by winning in Miami. At the end of the race, he expressed his intentions to try to achieve the same result in the upcoming races. 

Button talked about how the victory would influence Norris and whether it would change him in the following races.

“The only thing that it does change is you’ve won a race and that memory sticks with you forever. You still need the car to perform and to get the result again. For me it took three years, hopefully for him it won’t take that long to win a second race."-he said, as quoted by Crash.

Button believes that Norris will continue to drive passionately, just as he has in previous races this season. The confidence shown by the 24-year-old driver this season, as well as in previous seasons, is a reason for optimism. Some believe that this will be a great momentum for Norris to secure several more victories in the upcoming seasons. The question is whether Norris can truly achieve such feats in such competition.

“It doesn’t change the way he’s going to go racing. He’s a confident driver. He’s very skilled and he’s a team player.

I expect to see him winning more over the years to come and I just hope it’s sooner rather than later so we can have a fight between Red Bull and McLaren.”- he continued.

Lando Norris
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Danica Patrick suggests that Norris has developed the mentality and skill set required for winning, and this perception of him as a potential winner creates its own momentum and energy. 

When season after season you strive for victory, and there's a huge obstacle ahead of you, maintaining the right mentality and believing in yourself isn't easy. Norris's fans have often said that Lando was born in the wrong era, given that Max Verstappen is considered by many to be one of the best drivers in the history of this sport. However, this victory instills optimism that Norris can follow the same path and win in the future.

Patrick emphasizes that Norris has come close to winning multiple times before, and many believe he will continue to do so, possibly even securing a championship in the future. She sees this victory as the beginning of an exciting journey for Norris.

Perhaps this victory will be the beginning of something new.

Lando Norris on his victory

On the other hand, Lando Norris has admitted to feeling relief after it all. In previous seasons, he was often close to victory, but that final step always eluded him. Now that he has "lifted the curse off himself," Norris feels much better, believing that this is just the beginning of what lies ahead. 

The young driver has often faced criticism, even on social media, where fans labeled him with various epithets. Norris is happy to have proved the doubters wrong.

"I've had my moments where we've been close and I've never been able to convert it into the win," the Briton said.

"As much as a lot of people doubted that I was going to be able to put it together and win a race, I wasn't worried."

The Briton confirmed that he feels more confident than ever this year, considering that the team has taken the necessary steps, just like Norris, who has been patient with it. His intentions from the beginning of the season have been to give his best, to showcase his qualities, knowing that his time will come.

The 24-year-old driver confirmed that his intentions are not to dwell on the criticisms that come day by day. Norris sometimes feels that individuals focus on his mistakes, waiting for the moment to start criticizing. However, he wants to focus on the people who support him, as they give him the strength to achieve a positive outcome.

Norris's fans hope that in the future, Norris will write beautiful stories.

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