Lando Norris Credits Donald Trump as "Lucky Charm" for F1 Victory

“He said he was my lucky charm because it was my first win so I don’t know if he’s going to come to more races now."

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris Credits Donald Trump as "Lucky Charm" for F1 Victory
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Donald Trump was part of the last race, the Miami GP. Surprisingly, victory was achieved by Lando Norris, although many believed that Max Verstappen would win this race. The 24-year-old Briton surprised everyone with a brilliant race and his first career victory. 

Such moments are reasons why Lando fell in love with this sport and why he is so popular among fans. Norris spoke about his impressions after the race, happy that he managed to achieve his goal. This young driver seemed to not even expect that he could win. In an interview after the race, he placed special emphasis on Donald Trump, who apparently brought him luck. Norris has immense respect for Trump.

“I didn’t see him (Trump) in the garage ahead of the race because I was busy preparing, but he came and saw me after to congratulate me,” said Norris, as quoted by Sports Yahoo.

“He said he was my lucky charm because it was my first win so I don’t know if he’s going to come to more races now.

Donald is someone you have to have respect for in many ways, and I guess it was an honour for him to come up to me and to take the time out of his life to acknowledge what I’ve done. It was a cool moment.

Some fans criticized Norris for not yet achieving a victory in his career. His dedication, hard work, and patience paid off as the British driver achieved his goal. At no moment did he consider giving up.

“I never lost the faith. I never lost the belief that I could go out there and do it."- he continued.

Norris explained that he finds joy in engaging with negative comments on Instagram, particularly those targeting his lack of wins, such as the meme 'Lando No-wins'. He finds pleasure in proving doubters wrong and demonstrating his capabilities to those who underestimated him. This achievement has brought an even greater sense of satisfaction and gratitude to him, and he appreciates all forms of feedback, including the critical ones.

Lando Norris
Lando Norris© Clive Mason/Getty Images Sport

The 24-year-old driver believed from the beginning of the race that McLaren, along with him, could achieve such success. Although predictions suggested that Red Bull would secure victories in almost all races, potentially with Ferrari occasionally disrupting their plans, Norris and his team proved otherwise. 

Norris is happy with the upgrades, considering that without them, his team would have struggled to win. He emphasized that they had worked hard even before the start of the season. 

After such a victory, it's natural to have a hunger for more wins, especially when the pressure to win dissipates. Being a young driver with high expectations can often be tough. However, Norris has achieved his goal, and now the situation is expected to be significantly easier for him.

Norris decided to get angry even after the race, stressing that although he was supposed to fly after the race, there was a change of plans, and the flight was postponed to the next day. The Brit pointed out that he wanted to celebrate the victory in the right way, not intending to sleep. Norris is happy that Miami is the place where he won.

“I might have more than just a scratch on my nose tomorrow! I don’t care.

But I’ll enjoy my time, this only happens once when you’re taking your first win, it’s nice to do it here in Miami.”-Norris said.

The young driver dreamed that his first victory would be in Britain, but that did not happen. His intentions still remain to achieve victory at home soil.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen reacted

Seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton expressed his happiness for Lando Norris, acknowledging his achievement in the race. As a record holder for F1 race wins, Hamilton's words carry weight, highlighting the importance of Norris's success within the F1 community.

The Briton reflected on his adventure at McLaren, happy that this team has once again achieved success, finishing in first place. 

Another F1 star, Max Verstappen, although expecting a victory, is happy that Norris managed to win. He emphasized that if there's one person he'd like to see beat him, it would be Lando Norris. Verstappen highlighted that Norris is someone who deserves this. He has been waiting for this moment for a long time, and now it can be a motivating factor for him to achieve victory again.

"Maybe it was a little bit messy still [on Saturday] but today they were flying - and especially Lando was flying. So definitely very happy for him."- Max Verstappen said.

Lando Norris