Toto Wolff Responds to Criticism from Red Bull CEO

The leaders of Red Bull are not happy with the statements of the top executives of Mercedes

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff Responds to Criticism from Red Bull CEO
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The saga surrounding Max Verstappen and Toto Wolff continues. Red Bull executives are not happy with the statements coming from Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, which come week after week. Wolff openly talks about his interest in the Dutchman, hoping that Verstappen can become part of the once rival team, Mercedes. 

Despite the fact that Red Bull fans and team executives criticize him, Wolff has no intention of giving up on Max. The Mercedes boss has emphasized many times before that attracting Max to his team will be a tough task. 

Red Bull CEO Oliver Mintzlaff is the latest to react to Toto Wolff's statements, believing that Wolff intends to attract Verstappen to join his team. Mintzlaff confirmed in his statements that he is confident Verstappen will remain with the team 1000%. It didn't take long for a reaction from the Mercedes boss. Toto Wolff considers the comments of the Red Bull CEO unnecessary. It seems like Wolff still feels that Max will become part of his team.

“I don't know what the guy means at all. Therefore it is unnecessary to comment on that. 1,000 per cent? I wouldn't make such a statement. Because in life there is only 100 per cent. There is no more. It is redundant.”- Toto Wolff said, as quoted by Express.

Oliver Mintzlaff expressed understanding towards Toto Wolff's position, acknowledging the pressure Wolff and other teams may feel after years of trailing behind. He suggested that Wolff should focus on addressing his own team's challenges, implying that they require his full attention.

Mercedes hasn't been performing as brilliantly this season, considering their less than ideal start. Lewis Hamilton and his teammate George Russell are striving week after week to change things, but it seems to be unsuccessful. Mercedes' leaders are aware that they need to make certain moves to get Mercedes back on the winning track. The German team, which dominated for years, now appears unrecognizable. The arrival of Max Verstappen would certainly be the right move for them, but for now, it seems like an impossible mission

Helmut Marko and Oliver Mintzlaff
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Regarding the issue of respect, Mintzlaff emphasized that continually discussing personnel from other teams might not be appropriate. He indicated confidence in Max Verstappen's commitment to his long-term contract with Red Bull, dismissing concerns about a potential move. 

Some believe that in this way, the Mercedes boss wants to attract attention to himself and potentially disrupt the atmosphere within Red Bull. Wolff is an experienced figure in the world of F1, who surely knows how to unsettle opponents. However, these are still assumptions. Wolff certainly intends to attract this brilliant driver to the team, but we will see if it will actually happen.

Mintzlaff emphasized the importance of maintaining stability and calmness, aligning with Verstappen's desires and Red Bull's objectives. Additionally, he highlighted Red Bull's competitive advantage, stating that they provide Verstappen with the fastest car and the best opportunity to achieve his goal of becoming a world champion.

Max Verstappen's season

Although Verstappen remains the leader in the championship, after the Miami GP, some are not certain that the Dutchman can maintain the same level of dominance as last season. In the last race, Lando Norris was the main protagonist, eventually securing the victory. Verstappen didn't seem particularly worried after the last race, considering it almost impossible to win every race. Verstappen emphasized that he didn't feel particularly great throughout the entire race.

“I mean, you win, you lose. I think we're all used to that in racing, right?
Today was just a bit tricky. I think already on the mediums, I didn't feel fantastic. We were pulling away but not like it should b
e."- Verstappen told Sky.

Verstappen observed that after their pitstop, he became aware of the fast lap times being set by McLaren, which impressed him. As McLaren switched to the hard tyre compound, they seemed to gain even more pace, particularly Lando, who was performing incredibly. Verstappen acknowledged the challenge they faced during that stint.

The Dutchman is happy for Lando Norris, who deserved his first career victory. Red Bull's leaders have the opportunity to analyze where they made the biggest mistakes and change that for the future. Some believe that Mercedes and other teams are happy about this, aware that if Verstappen doesn't perform well in the future, it opens up a chance for one of the top teams to recruit him. It will be tough, but we know that in the world of F1, nothing is impossible.

The next race on the calendar is Emilia-Romagna, which will be held from May 17-19. Can Red Bull reassert its dominance and finish first?

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