Frederic Vasseur: "Giovinazzi has to take more responsibility on his back"

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Frederic Vasseur: "Giovinazzi has to take more responsibility on his back"

Alfa Romeo boss Frederic Vasseur has said he wants Antonio Giovinazzi to progress to the level where he will become the main driver, the team leader. This will be his third season in the team and a higher level is expected from him.

After a tough first season at Alfa, Giovinazzi showed significant progress during 2020, when he outscored the more experienced Kimi Raikkonen nine to eight in qualifying and finished the season with the same points as Kimi.

However, the car was uncompetitive and both Kimi and Antonio collected only four points each, which was enough for Alfa Romeo to be eighth in the constructors' standings. Giovinazzi nevertheless got a new chance at Alfa, while Ferrari sent Mick Schumacher to Haas.

As it is obvious that the chances of Kimi Raikkonen remaining in the sport after 2021 are very small, Vasseur set Giovinazzi the task of posing more as a team leader and becoming more constant with the results, to take on more responsibilities on his back.

Giovinazzi's role

Most believe that Giovinazzi is aware of this and will do his best and will responsibly accept the role given to him. It is obvious that Giovinazzi is much better than in previous seasons and maybe this is exactly the tactic of his team to give Giovinazzi an extra motive for winning.

“I think the next step is to become more consistent during the race. Still, he has made a good step forward and is making progress in all fields. He has to take more responsibility on his back, to make more of his decisions.

He is on the right track, he is progressing from race to race, and I am convinced that he will be better in the new season, ”said Fred. “If you look at his first season, he collected only a third of Kimi’s points and was six times faster than Kimi in the qualifiers.

Now they are equal, they have the same points and the same level of performance in the qualifiers, ”added Vasseur. Giovinazzi recently stated that he is very pleased with the progress made last season, and especially with the progress at the start of the races which helped him win valuable points.

Alfa Romeo will have to be much better this season and show themselves in the best way. Giovinazzi as the leader of this team must make an additional step forward this season and try to achieve the goals they set.