Adrian Newey Breaks Silence on Reasons for Departure from Red Bull

These days we've been waiting for Adrian Newey to reveal the reasons for leaving Red Bull

by Sead Dedovic
Adrian Newey Breaks Silence on Reasons for Departure from Red Bull
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Over the past few days, the main focus in the F1 scene has largely been on Adrian Newey, the chief technical officer of the Red Bull Racing F1 team. Headlines suggesting that Newey will leave Red Bull have caused significant attention. The fact that Max Verstappen has spoken about Newey's departure confirms that the 65-year-old will likely depart from this team, ready for new challenges or possibly a break in his career. 

In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Newey has finally decided to speak about his future and the headlines of the past few days. Newey has been part of this team for over two decades. It seems that Adrian has realized that this job is too exhausting for him.

"Formula 1 is all-consuming and I've been at it for a long time now," -Adrian Newey told Sky Sports, as quoted by

Newey reflected on the 2021 season, which was particularly exhausting for him and his team. The close race with Mercedes for the title seemed to have taken a toll on him. Red Bull invested all efforts that season to become the team to win the championship and lead the way. 

After that season, things started off on a great path. Red Bull had great dominance last season, and the situation this season is identical. However, Newey emphasizes that he is tired after it all.

"2021 was a really busy year because of the tight battle with Mercedes through the championship, and at the same time putting all the research and development into the RB18 which is the father of this generation of cars.

I don't know, there comes a point where I just felt, as Forrest Gump said, 'I'm feeling a little bit tired'."- he continued.

Newey discussed his contemplation of stepping back from the sport, mentioning that it's been on his mind for a while. He explained that he doesn't need to work for financial reasons but rather for enjoyment. 

Feeling that now is a good time to take a break and reassess life, he mentioned plans of traveling with his wife and dogs, potentially exploring France in a motorhome. He also mentioned that while there's no clear plan for the future, he anticipates a new adventure eventually.

Throughout his career, Newey has achieved great success and earned significant wealth. Therefore, he doesn't feel the need to chase after money and try to earn more. Achieving all his career goals is a huge accomplishment, and as the Red Bull chief technical officer, he has succeeded in that. It seems that now he wants to entrust to others what he has built alongside other key figures within the team.

Adrian has likely been a crucial figure in this team for years, and one of the most responsible for Red Bull's successes in recent seasons. His passion for F1, love, and dedication to making Red Bull a respected team is truly remarkable.

There has been much talk about whether Christian Horner's incident is the main reason for Newey leaving the team. However, the Red Bull team principal has confirmed that it's not the reason for their parting. Newey's statement that he had been contemplating this before the incident speaks volumes about his intentions even prior to it. 

Adrian Newey on Lewis Hamilton quotes

Adrian Newey also commented on the statements of the brilliant Lewis Hamilton, who expressed his desire to work with Newey. Adrian considers this a very kind gesture from Hamilton and feels honored. At this moment, his intentions are to take a break and then consider what will happen in the future. 

Lewis Hamilton
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Everyone needs a period of rest, especially when you've been part of this sport for years. 

Newey is already being linked to some of the biggest teams like Ferrari. Some expect the leaders of this team to engage Newey with the intention of pursuing championship victories in the coming seasons. Having Hamilton and Newey in the team is certainly a huge step towards that goal. Yet, these are still just rumors. Some speculate that Newey could also end up at Williams.

Max Verstappen spoke about Newey's departure before the Miami GP, believing that everyone has the right to make decisions when it comes to their future. Although some speculated that the Dutchman might leave the team the moment Newey departs from Red Bull, Verstappen finds such rumors amusing. His intentions are to remain part of the Austrian team and dominate for years to come.

Max isn't happy with the media headlines that have caused quite a chaos in recent days regarding Newey's departure. Although he wanted Newey to stay, he's aware that sometimes the time comes for such decisions.

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