Max Verstappen: Even $250 Million Not Enough to Sign with Mercedes

"I know that if I was driving for P5 or P6, I'd get quite grumpy."

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen: Even $250 Million Not Enough to Sign with Mercedes
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More and more is being said about Verstappen and his potential move to Mercedes. Following the Christian Horner incident, many have started linking Max with Mercedes. This brilliant driver is under contract with Red Bull until 2028. 

However, judging by Verstappen's statements before the Miami race, there are currently no chances of Mercedes signing him. Max emphasized that he sees his future with Red Bull.

"My future is within within Red Bull at the moment," Verstappen said, as quoted by Racing News365.

Max Verstappen is the profile of a driver who always aims for the highest goals. From the first day he arrived on the F1 scene, the Dutchman showed readiness to become a driver who would fight for the top spot. Verstappen is not the profile of a driver who settles for small things, as he is ready to fight for championships in the future as well. 

Max Verstappen
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After reporters mentioned a figure of 150 million dollars and whether that figure could change Max's thinking, Verstappen emphasized that not even a figure of 250 million dollars could change his opinion. The reason is simple: Verstappen wants to fight for the very top, not for P5 or P6. 

Mercedes hasn't been performing very well in the last two seasons. Their two drivers, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, fail to impose their pace. The biggest problem lies with the car, which encounters issues week after week.

"At the end of the day, let's say that would be the case, €150 million, but that money is not going to be the differentiator for me to go somewhere.

[Even €250 million isn't enough], because I'm happy with what I am earning and it is about performance.

Because I know that if I was driving for P5 or P6, I'd get quite grumpy and so it is always about performance - everyone knows that. Toto also knows that."- he continued.

Toto Wolff confirms he wants Max Verstappen

Toto Wolff has confirmed several times this season that he is interested in Max Verstappen, a driver whom anyone would want in their team. The fact that Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes at the end of the season also implies a vacant seat for someone. 

Mercedes cannot afford to take too many risks, especially considering that after the departure of the Briton, they need someone who truly deserves to take Hamilton's place in the team.

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff© Bryn Lennon/Getty Images Sport

Although Mercedes and Red Bull have been the biggest rivals, rumors about Verstappen's arrival have spread quickly. Wolff has admitted that he wants to see the Dutchman in his team. 

Max Verstappen, in a conversation with the media, commented on the 2026 power unit regulations, which could change things in the future. Some believe that after that, Red Bull could experience a decline.

Max Verstappen expressed his commitment to staying with his current team, citing his belief in the project and the people involved. He acknowledged the uncertainty of the future, both in sports and in life, highlighting that nobody knows which team will be the most competitive in 2026. 

Max Verstappen and his future

Verstappen admitted that he isn't focusing much on that distant future at the moment, as there are pressing concerns about performance in the current and upcoming seasons. Therefore, he views 2026 as quite far away and not a priority in his thoughts at this time.

The Dutchman hopes that his team can remain competitive in the years to come. Achieving such dominance in the last two seasons, and winning the championship before that, is truly impressive. Verstappen currently has no reason to leave this team, except perhaps a desire to prove himself elsewhere.

Judging by his statements, Verstappen is not motivated to continue his adventure elsewhere, aware that no team can offer him what Red Bull can.

However, many believe that a time will soon come when Red Bull will no longer be competitive, so the leaders of this team will have to carefully consider what to do to retain a generational talent like Verstappen.

Mercedes, as well as other teams, are carefully observing the situation, ready to make moves.

In the coming seasons, many things could change regarding drivers and their departures and arrivals. Lewis Hamilton surprised everyone by confirming that he is leaving Mercedes at the end of the season, a team where he has achieved the greatest successes of his career.

Every story has its end, and so do theirs.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull are one of the most beautiful stories in the history of this sport, so it's difficult to conclude how long the story between the Dutchman and the Austrian team will last.

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