Eddie Jordan Predicts Adrian Newey's Future

Jordan believes it's unlikely to expect Adrian to immediately continue his career with another team

by Sead Dedovic
Eddie Jordan Predicts Adrian Newey's Future
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Adrian Newey's departure from Red Bull brings along a multitude of things. According to media headlines, the legend of this team has decided to conclude his story with the Austrian team and embark on a new chapter in his career or possibly even exit F1 altogether. Many experts, legends of this sport, and fans are now making predictions about the future of Red Bull. 

Everything seemed perfect last season, with indications that Red Bull would achieve great things this season as well. That did happen, but the incident involving Christian Horner changed a lot within the team. 

Things went so far that even Max Verstappen's father, Jos, publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with Christian Horner's leadership, believing that Horner must leave the team. 

Eddie Jordan, a well-known figure to fans of this sport, especially the older ones, reacted to rumors about Newey and Red Bull. The Formula For Success podcast provided him and co-host David Coulthard an opportunity to share their thoughts.

“I’m joining you [Coulthard] on the fence, I’m not going to say what is likely my advice - but we do speak a lot,” Jordan said, as quoted by racingnews365.com

“If I’m being honest, in all the time we cycle [together] there wouldn’t be any professional interference or looking for knowledge.

This is just idle gossip as you would stop for a coffee."

Jordan has placed special emphasis on the pressure on Newey within this team. Red Bull is a team from which many expect the utmost. Being part of this team and always dreaming of the greatest things is not an easy task. Adrian has proven to be a great addition to this team, and a person with high expectations placed upon him. 

The 65-year-old has adapted greatly to such a role, creating together with others a team that everyone fears. Red Bull is on track to win another championship, and several more in the future.

“Remember that he’s been in Red Bull under constant pressure. He started off in that team in a very lowly seventh or eighth in the championship.

I don’t know how many races they have won now with him and Christian [Horner, team principal] there, it’s probably about 118 [sic] or thereabouts - that’s ridiculous amounts of pressure.”- he continued.

Adrian Newey
Adrian Newey© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sprot

Of course, immediately after the information about Newey emerged, rumors about his next destination surfaced. Considering the increasing talk about Ferrari and their ambitions for the future, Newey had to be mentioned in that story. Italian media write that Ferrari's executives and Newey could meet this week to discuss Newey's future. 

He is an interesting name for any of the teams, but it is unrealistic to expect Adrian to become part of teams that are in the lower part of the table. There will be plenty of offers for him, but only one will be the right one. The question is whether Newey will even choose such an option.

Eddie Jordan put an accent on Newey's age. Considering he is 65 years old and has spent his entire life on the grand stage, there's a chance that Newey will opt for another option, and that would be taking a break. Jordan believes it's unlikely to expect Adrian to immediately continue his career with another team after concluding his journey with Red Bull. 

Spending so many years in the F1 scene sometimes brings saturation, so taking a break could be a realistic option, even retirement. Jordan emphasizes that Red Bull is a great team with great individuals within the team. However, Newey must look to the future and see what options are available to him. Several teams are in line.

Tim Hauraney predictions

The Nailing the Apex Podcast provided journalist Tim Hauraney with an opportunity to comment on Newey's future. Hauraney believes that Ferrari has done a fantastic job, and Newey's arrival would just be the icing on the cake. The arrival of Lewis Hamilton next season, along with Frederic Vasseur's previous arrival, are viewed by him as genius moves. He thinks that Vasseur is making efforts behind the scenes to lure Newey to the Italian team.

Pierre Wache is also a name that has been mentioned, with expectations that the team hiring Newey will pursue Wache afterward. It would indeed be a surprising story and a huge surprise. This could change a lot for Ferrari, putting them on the right track to becoming a respected team that competes for championships. However, these are just predictions. The future will reveal the intentions of Ferrari's leadership and what will happen with Wache and Newey.

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