Toto Wolff's Response to Max Verstappen Meeting Speculation Revealed

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss who has been increasingly open about Mercedes's interest in Max Verstappen

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff's Response to Max Verstappen Meeting Speculation Revealed
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The future of Max Verstappen is a current topic in the F1 scene, just like the future of Adrian Newey, the chief technical officer of the Red Bull Racing F1 team. Speculations continue, with emphasis on the possibility that both could leave this team.

Considering the successes of this team in recent seasons, it can be said that Max Verstappen and Adrian Newey have been two key figures in the team's achievements. After the Christian Horner incident, many things have changed within the team, and the atmosphere is not the best. Although Red Bull is performing well, just one incident was enough to disrupt the atmosphere.

Fans of this team would find it disappointing if two such important figures were to leave after everything. Such departures are a sign of potential chaos.

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss who has been increasingly open about Mercedes's interest in Max Verstappen, spoke to Reuters Television, giving his word regarding Verstappen. In recent days, speculation has emerged that Verstappen's father, as well as his manager Raymond Vermeulen, will meet with Toto Wolff, the Ineos boss, and Mercedes Benz CEO, Ola Källenius. Wolff confirmed that those are just rumors.

"No, that’s one of the rumours.

People make up meetings, make up what’s happening with the drivers but these things should be behind closed doors and everything that’s been out there was not really the right thing.”- Toto Wolff said, as reported by Independent.

Toto Wolff didn't hide his interest in Max Verstappen, confirming that the Dutch driver is someone every team would want. Mercedes executives are aware that attracting such a driver is difficult task, but they also acknowledge their financial power and the strength of the team. 

Mercedes is a team experiencing a slight crisis, but the successes from previous seasons demonstrate that Mercedes can achieve great things. It will require many changes, however, having a driver like Verstappen significantly facilitates the path to success.

Lewis Hamilton is leaving the team at the end of the season and will continue his career at Ferrari from 2025. The Briton has been an icon of this team for years. Few expected Lewis to end his story with Mercedes and seek happiness elsewhere.

However, the Briton has shown that he is eager for new challenges. It must be admitted that Mercedes could not offer him a car with which he could fight for the top. Mercedes is not performing at its best this season and seems far from its competition.

Toto Wolff on Adrian Newey's future

Adrian Newey was also a topic of discussion. The chief technical officer of the Red Bull Racing F1 team could leave this team after the incident involving Horner. There is increasing talk about his future, with the emphasis on Newey potentially signing with another team. 

Toto Wolff had only words of praise for Newey, considering him an icon of the sport. Wolff's intentions are to follow the situation as a fan, not wanting to delve into the details. Newey is also mentioned as a candidate for Mercedes next year. 

If we look at Wolff's statements, there is a sense that something is happening behind the scenes, but ordinary viewers are still unaware of it.

“Adrian Newey is an iconic engineer in Formula One with a great track record and again, also there are so many people talking about what he eventually might do and whether he leaves Red Bull or not.

I’m just looking at it like a fan and watching that space.”

Adrian Newey and Ralf Schumacher
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Adrian Newey and Ferrari

Adrian Newey has been mostly associated with Ferrari in the last two days. According to rumors, the Italian team has decided to offer a huge sum of money to Adrian, who is not satisfied with the atmosphere at Red Bull. Predictions from experts in this sport are proving to be true. Indeed, Ferrari is a team that wants to lead the way in the coming seasons, and Newey's arrival would certainly be a significant step towards that.

Aston Martin is one of the teams mentioned, but many give them less chance of actually enticing Newey to their team.

Mercedes is one of the teams doing a great deal of work behind the scenes, with little comment on current events and their business. It is inevitable that big things will happen in the coming period, but the question arises of what specific moves Mercedes will make.

Adrian Newey is not one of the options, at least judging by the headlines. Toto Wolff is a wise man, aware that his team must do something if they want to return to the winner's circle and dethrone Red Bull.

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