Adrian Newey Eyes Move to Ferrari; Aston Martin Not an Option

“Newey’s decision to leave Red Bull, is one of the most seismic events to happen in Formula 1 for a long time,”- Benson wrote

by Sead Dedovic
Adrian Newey Eyes Move to Ferrari; Aston Martin Not an Option
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The fate of Adrian Newey, the chief technical officer of the Red Bull Racing F1 team, is always an interesting topic. According to motorsport media headlines, the 65-year-old intends to leave Red Bull, at least judging by those reports. Newey has been the mainstay of the team that is on track to win the championship this season. 

Despite creating some of the most memorable moments as part of this team and helping build a respectable team, Newey seems ready for a new adventure in his career, perhaps even retirement. Naturally, following such rumors, discussions about Newey's future have emerged.

Having such a figure in the team is every team's dream. However, whether Newey will choose another team and start afresh or retire remains to be seen.

BBC's Andrew Benson confirmed that Newey is considering his options at this point. The atmosphere within the team isn't particularly good, which is one of the reasons why Newey likely wants to explore other directions. Benson answered some questions in a Q&A session, with the focus naturally being on Newey. Benson believes that Newey's departure is the strongest indication that things within the team are not satisfactory.

“Newey’s decision to leave Red Bull, is one of the most seismic events to happen in Formula 1 for a long time,” he wrote.

“That’s not just for what it says about the internal issues at the team in the wake of the allegations of ****** harassment and coercive, abusive behaviour made by a female employee against Christian Horner, which the 50-year-old team principal denies.

But also because of the impact it will likely have on the team he leaves and the team he chooses to join. Newey is rightly regarded as the greatest F1 designer in history so, even if he is not full-time on F1 these days, he will have a huge impact on any team he joins, and losing cannot but hurt the one he leaves."

The departure of Adrian Newey is not just significant due to its impact on the team he leaves, but also on the team he potentially joins, Benson wrote. Newey's stature as the greatest F1 designer in history means that even if he's not fully dedicated to F1 these days, his influence on any team he joins will be substantial. Losing him will certainly be a blow to the team he leaves.

The effect of Newey's design concepts on the latest generation of Red Bulls is evident. His innovative approach has greatly shaped the performance and success of the team, showing his enduring influence on Formula 1.

Benson emphasized that Newey has already received numerous offers, primarily from Ferrari and Aston Martin, two teams with huge ambitions for the future. Benson has reliable sources indicating that Newey sees his future with Ferrari and is considering such an offer. Looking at the current season, Ferrari has positioned itself as the main competitor to Red Bull, although they are far behind in terms of performance. 

The goals of the leadership of this team are to get as close to Red Bull as possible in this and the next seasons, with a focus on winning the championship. McLaren is not an attractive option for Newey, considering that Ferrari can offer much more to him at this time. Benson highlighted that many teams cannot offer Newey a contract that would satisfy him. Mercedes and McLaren are teams that could, but the question is whether Newey sees his future with these two teams.

Andreas Seidl has deepened speculation about Newey's future

Benson's statements are interesting, but the remarks from Sauber F1 CEO Andreas Seidl have deepened speculation about Newey's future. During an interview with AMuS, Seidl discussed the possibility of the team hiring Newey in the near future. Seidl is familiar with the qualities of the 65-year-old, emphasizing not only his skills but also the attention that Newey would bring if he were to join their team. 

Andres Seidl
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Seidl believes that F1 is much more than just one person. The intention is to focus on every aspect of F1, with the goal of progressing and becoming a team that competes at the top. He has no doubt that this team will have the right people in leadership positions from the start of their F1 venture, with the knowledge and qualities required.

In the coming days, we will learn more about the future of this 65-year-old. Adrian Newey has yet to speak to the media about his future. The situation at Red Bull seems calm, but let's wait for the next race, which may confirm all these speculations and rumors. Certainly, it will be interesting.

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