Jos Verstappen on Adrian Newey & Max's Future: Intriguing Statement

The future of Max Verstappen is, of course, an unavoidable topic

by Sead Dedovic
Jos Verstappen on Adrian Newey & Max's Future: Intriguing Statement
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Adrian Newey, chief technical officer of the Red Bull Racing F1 team, could be leaving Red Bull if foreign media headlines are to be believed. The 65-year-old Briton has spent many years with this team and has been a key figure in their success. Every adventure must come to an end, but will this be the case for Newey and Red Bull?! 

Although information from reliable sources suggests that Newey will leave the team, some are not firmly convinced by such headlines. Raceexpress seized the moment and decided to interview Max Verstappen's father, Jos, a former F1 driver, to ask him about Newey's future. Jos Verstappen confirmed that he has nothing to say about it. It is difficult to assess whether Jos is keeping secrets within the team or simply does not know the situation regarding Newey's future.

"Normally I won't say anything about it. What else can I say about it? I don't know anything else about it. I know that there is basically a deal between him and Red Bull (until 2025). We'll see about the rest, I can't say anything about that. We all know what he has achieved and how good he is."-Jos told Racexpress!

Adrian Newey
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The future of Max Verstappen is, of course, an unavoidable topic. The 27-year-old Dutchman is doing great things this season, just as he has in the past. However, that is no guarantee that Max will indeed decide to stay. There are many teams lining up for him, ready to offer money and a car with which he can achieve success. 

Judging by the reactions of experts, Red Bull could be the team that will dominate F1 tracks in the future. Will that be enough reason for Max to stay? It's hard to assess. Verstappen is known as someone who loves challenges and wants to progress from race to race. Jos Verstappen, his father, confirmed that many teams are interested in his son. Max is in a great position, and it is still unknown what decision he will make regarding his future.

"I think everyone really wants Max. I think Max is in a good place at the moment. He has a fast car, but we also have to look further. We are also looking at 2026, so we are letting everything happen to us. We will remain very calm and see what will happen."-Jos Verstappen said.

It is interesting that a few weeks ago Jos spoke about Christian Horner's case, emphasizing that the Red Bull team principal should leave the team. Jos Verstappen was not happy with the situation within the team, where the main focus was on Horner. In moments when Max dominates and leads the way, the focus is shifted to Horner. That is not what Jos wants. Some believe that this could be a reason for Max to leave, but these are still speculations, and only the future will tell.

Max Verstappen and Mercedes

Max Verstappen is strongly linked with Red Bull's former biggest rival, Mercedes. Judging by the headlines emerging today, Mercedes is prepared to offer a contract worth up to 150 million euros per year, including bonuses. Negotiations could start in a few days. 

Although some are skeptical about this, statements from Toto Wolff, which keep coming, could confirm such headlines. The Mercedes boss has repeatedly emphasized that every team would love to have Max, including Mercedes. The chaotic situation at Red Bull, along with the Christian Horner case, could be a reason for Max to consider such an offer and make an important change in his career. The question is how this 26-year-old driver would react, considering the rivalry between these two teams.

Max Verstappen has no intention of saying much about his future, aware that every statement he makes can be misinterpreted and lead to wrong conclusions. The Dutchman is doing great this season, and his focus remains on the races and challenges in the future. Verstappen has been part of this team for years. With this team, he achieved the greatest success of his career, made a breakthrough and became a driver whom everyone respects. Leaving this team would be an interesting move.

“I think there’s every reason to be happy, right? The car’s going really well, there’s so many great people in the team that are constantly pushing for better results, so for me that’s what I focus on."- Verstappen said.

Next week could shed light on what to expect. Although there is talk about many drivers and their future, such as Carlos Sainz or Fernando Alonso, the future of Max Verstappen is the most intriguing topic for everyone.

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