Toto Wolff Confirms Desire for Max Verstappen, but Prioritizes One Thing Before That

Verstappen is a driver that every team would like to have

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff Confirms Desire for Max Verstappen, but Prioritizes One Thing Before That
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The future of Max Verstappen is becoming an increasingly interesting topic, considering the statements coming from Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team boss. Red Bull fans are feeling a sense of fear, aware that Wolff's statements are not to be taken lightly, and that Verstappen's departure could become a reality. 

The Dutchman is tied to this team by contract until 2028, but there are chances that their collaboration might end earlier. Wolff admitted in a media interview that they want Verstappen in their team, but their priority is to make progress this season and help their drivers improve. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell cannot be happy with the cars they have.

“I’d love to have him, but first we need to sort out our car.

First, we owe it to George [Russell] and Lewis to improve the car and give them equipment that is good before dreaming about the future next year.

Like I said before, a driver will always try to be in the fastest possible car. That gives you the best chances of winning races and championships and this is where Max is at the moment."- Lewis Hamilton said, as quoted by Planet F1!

Wolff confirmed that Max, his father Jos, and Raymond Vermeulen, Verstappen's manager, are individuals who often tend to be uncomfortably direct, emphasizing that this is something they will take into consideration when making decisions. Wolff believes that the best drivers are calibrated to be in the best car.

Toto Wolff
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The Mercedes boss stresses that every team in the world would do everything to have Verstappen in their team. Looking at the recent seasons, Mercedes is far from its goals, with all the chances of even being outside the Top 3. These are not the ambitions the team had in previous seasons. Mercedes is a team that always strives for the ultimate goal: winning the championship. Things are somewhat critical for them now, and it will be necessary to make significant changes if they want to move in the right direction.

Helmut Marko, a Red Bull advisor, is known for his direct and critical approach towards everyone. In Max's case, Helmut, as an experienced figure in the F1 scene, is aware of the caliber of driver they have in their lineup. Marko has been part of this team since 2005, and he is well acquainted with the drivers' qualities.

Helmut Marko suggests that Max Verstappen's desire is to always compete with the fastest car available. Currently, being with Red Bull provides him with an unbeatable combination due to his driving skills paired with the team's performance. Marko implies that if Verstappen were to drive for Ferrari, the competitive factor might change, indicating that his current lead over his teammate Checo [Perez] is a result of his driving superiority. 

Helmut Marko
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Ultimately, Verstappen's decision will likely be influenced by where he believes he can have the best car, and at the moment, that seems to be with Red Bull, with no other viable options on the horizon.

Looking at the current situation, there's a good chance that Red Bull will continue to lead the way and be the main contender for championship titles in the future. This Austrian team is taking their task seriously, aiming to win many more championships in the coming years. Verstappen could be a key player in their quest for several more titles.

Experts from the world of F1 have different predictions based on headlines, current events, and insider information. Some believe that the Dutchman will follow in the footsteps of other legends and leave this team with the intention of winning a championship with another team. However, it seems that there are more people who believe in Max's loyalty, thinking that the 26-year-old driver will finish his career with this team.

Max Verstappen's future

Verstappen has repeatedly confirmed that he is not currently thinking about the future or leaving the team. His priority is the current season in which he has set high goals. The Dutchman believes that the current season is an ideal opportunity to win the championship, considering the advantage he has over his opponents. Verstappen is someone who doesn't like chaos around him, and he has emphasized that a calm environment is one of the most important things for him.

Max Verstappen
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The leaders of this team can also be happy with his statements. Some believe that Max is on the right track to becoming a legend in this sport and breaking many more records. The question is whether he will succeed in that if he leaves Red Bull and goes somewhere else.

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