Antonio Perez Dives into Sergio's Relationship with Max Verstappen

“They are two tigers in the same cage, is what I have told them,” Antonio Perez said.

by Sead Dedovic
Antonio Perez Dives into Sergio's Relationship with Max Verstappen
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A lot has been written about the partnership between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, with an emphasis on the fact that the Mexican and the Dutchman aren't particularly close. While some believe that such rumors hold some truth, Sergio's father, Antonio Perez, has calmed the passions in an interview for Mexican television, emphasizing that both have equal goals and intentions. 

The priority for both should be the progress of the team and working together to achieve their goals. Antonio is pleased that his son has the opportunity to collaborate with the best drivers in the world, in this case, with Max Verstappen.

“They are two tigers in the same cage, is what I have told them,” Antonio Perez said, as quoted by Crash!

“And if you ask me, who would you like to see Checo team up with, I would say the best in the world.

So however it is today, Checo is the second best in the world in Formula One.”

Sergio Perez is significantly better this season than the previous ones. However, time will tell whether Sergio can maintain this pace until the end of the season and prove himself as a driver deserving of respect. Perez has serious ambitions for this season, aware that he must secure his place in the team, and the only way to do that is through exceptional results. 

Sergio Perez
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His father, Antonio, believes that we haven't yet seen the best of Sergio Perez. Currently, he holds second place. It's difficult to expect Perez to overtake Max's position, or anyone else. Verstappen has pulled away from his competition, and it seems that will remain the case until the end.

Sergio Perez reflected on his relationship with Max at the end of last year. Although there were disagreements between these two drivers, things have looked much better in the last few months. The Mexican confirmed that since the first day of their partnership, relations have improved greatly. 

It's hard to expect that relations between two drivers will always be perfect, but it's necessary that even when things don't go ideally, they find a solution and resolve disagreements as soon as possible.

"Our relationship is really good. The whole engineering, when we are in all those briefings through so many races, I think it's been good. We've been pushing at times in different directions, but at the same time we've been strongly asking for the same stuff. So that also has been positive for the team. This is our third season together, so it's been a good one."- Perez said at the end of the last year.

Antonio Perez expressed confidence in his son's partnership with Max Verstappen, suggesting that they could be teammates for another decade. He even speculated that within that timeframe, Sergio could secure a world championship title. This indicates Antonio's belief in Sergio's potential and the strength of their collaboration with Verstappen.

Antonio Perez conveyed his appreciation for his son competing alongside Max Verstappen, whom he regards as the best driver in the world currently. He emphasized that the partnership between Sergio and Verstappen is the strongest teammate relationship Checo has experienced throughout his Formula 1 career. 

Max Verstappen on his teammate

At the end of last season, Max Verstappen reflected on who could be his teammate in the 2024 season. At that time, there was speculation that Perez would not be part of the team in 2024. The Dutchman then emphasized that it would be great if Sergio stayed, emphasizing that he has a great relationship with him and that Sergio is a great person. 

Fans have different opinions when it comes to Sergio. Although finishing second in the season is great, some believe that being in the shadow of such a driver like Max is not an easy thing. Perez has ambitions to remain part of this team, aware of the strength and ambitions of Red Bull. Judging by the current season, if Sergio continues at the same pace, he could remain part of this team next season. Red Bull's management wants Max's teammate to be someone who can match him and be as close to his successes as possible.

There are still plenty of races left until the end of the season. The Mexican driver intends to compete with Max Verstappen, although winning the championship could be considered 'impossible'. Perez's imperative would then have to be at least to reduce the gap to his teammate and be as close as possible by the end of the season. Judging by everything, Max Verstappen seems poised to win another championship. It may be too early to say, but it's evident that the majority believes in it.

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