David Croft: Christian Horner Wants the Control and Power Toto Wolff Possesses

While Horner holds positions as CEO and team principal at Red Bull, he remains a paid employee rather than a co-owner

by Sead Dedovic
David Croft: Christian Horner Wants the Control and Power Toto Wolff Possesses
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For years, animosity has been brewing between Toto Wolff, the boss of Mercedes, and Christian Horner, the boss of Red Bull. This animosity has been particularly palpable this season, as Wolff has become increasingly vocal about Mercedes' interest in Max Verstappen's services. Horner is unhappy with such statements from Wolff, aware that the Mercedes boss is somewhat trying to provoke Red Bull executives and provoke a reaction. 

Horner recently responded to Wolff's comments about Verstappen, in which the Mercedes boss emphasized that no one can catch the Dutchman this season. Horner's response has surprised many, as Christian pointed out that he hasn't been listening much to what Toto has to say in recent years. Sky F1 pundit David Croft analyzed the conflict between the two bosses, believing that this will continue into the future. The rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes is huge, so such statements from both of them don't surprise anyone.

“I think Christian and Toto will carry on the war of words for their entirety of their time in Formula 1,”-Croft said, as reported by Planet F1!

“It will just carry on. They’ve got a history, they’ve got a present and I think they’ve got a future when it comes to not agreeing with certain things.

Toto is doing everything that you would expect one of your rivals to do and if your driver is making it public that he might leave, he’s going to put his arm around him, he’s going to tell him that he’s the most important person on the planet and ‘come over to us, the grass is much greener at Brackley than it is at Milton Keynes’."

David Croft
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David Croft pointed out that a source of frustration for Christian Horner might be the fact that, despite Red Bull's successes in Formula 1, Toto Wolff holds a co-ownership stake in Mercedes while Horner does not have ownership in Red Bull. This lack of ownership could leave Horner feeling a lack of control and power compared to Wolff. 

Christian Horner is also happy with the role he currently has, hoping that his team will dominate in the seasons ahead. Although Mercedes has been in control for years, it's time for Red Bull to show its strength, and it seems they are on the right path to win several championships in the future. This has also been Horner's goal, which he has achieved.

While Horner holds positions as CEO and team principal at Red Bull, he remains a paid employee rather than a co-owner, which limits his autonomy in decision-making. This power dynamic could contribute to the animosity between them, especially as Wolff knows how to push Horner's buttons. 

Toto Wolff wants Max Verstappen

After yet another not so successful race, this time in China, Wolff spoke again about Verstappen and his potential move to Mercedes. Wolff emphasized that many factors will influence Verstappen's future and his decision. The Mercedes boss is aware that Red Bull has the best car, but he points out that sometimes that alone isn't reason enough to stay with the team. 

In his statements, it's noticeable how much he wants to see Verstappen in his team, but there's also a potential hint of provocation from Wolff, who clearly intends to disrupt the atmosphere within Red Bull. The Mercedes boss is patient and emphasizes that he will carefully observe the situation and make the next move accordingly.

Max Verstappen's statements don't particularly please him, considering that the Dutchman is contractually bound to the team until 2028 and has no intention of entertaining such rumors. Verstappen's intentions are to achieve great results this season and focus on the upcoming races. 

For him, the most important thing is for the car to perform as expected. 

Christian Horner also emphasized that discussing Verstappen's future is unnecessary, believing that it only creates unnecessary chaos and noise. Horner poses the question: Why would Verstappen leave Red Bull? Of course, the Red Bull team principal didn't forget to criticize Wolff, stating that it's more important for him to focus on his team rather than the driver market.

Lewis Hamilton's departure from next season raises the question: Who will succeed the brilliant Briton at Mercedes? Wolff receives such questions week after week. It also seems that the Mercedes boss himself doesn't know what the future holds and whom they will hire. There are several options for them, but judging by everything, Mercedes wants to finish this season and understand what the best option is for them.

It's hard to imagine the reactions that Max Verstappen's move to Mercedes would provoke. If Verstappen were to eventually move to Mercedes, he would have to be prepared for various criticisms and reactions.

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