Eddie Jordan Believes F1 is Making Big Mistakes Following Alonso's Contract Extension

Eddie Jordan believes that Fernando Alonso would have considered retirement if he found himself in a car similar to those from twenty years ago

by Sead Dedovic
Eddie Jordan Believes F1 is Making Big Mistakes Following Alonso's Contract Extension
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Although he had been linked with moves to Mercedes or Red Bull in recent weeks, Fernando Alonso has decided to remain loyal to Aston Martin and extend his contract with this outstanding team. The 42-year-old Spaniard has no intention of retiring and seems more ready than ever to achieve success. 

His contract extension has produced various reactions among sports fans. Eddie Jordan, a legendary figure from the history of F1, decided to react to Alonso's contract extension. Jordan emphasized that Alonso's decision is reasonable, considering that the Spaniard has shown qualities and can drive fast. On the other hand, Jordan believes that today's F1 cars are easier to drive than they were in the past. He provided an interesting comparison from his time as a team owner.

David Coulthard was also part of the Formula For Success podcast along with Jordan.

“Hanging on, I think, but he’s able to drive the car as quickly as anyone else, so why shouldn’t he? I can see people for and against it.

Where I’m against it is not his fault. I’m blaming the cars. I’ll never say a Formula 1 car is easy to drive, but it is easier to drive [today].

You don’t see the bull [being taken by the horns] like, for example, Nigel Mansell, when he was just about able to get out of the car because his neck was hanging off.

David, you were around in this era when fitness was such an important thing."- Eddie Jordan said, as quoted by Planet F1!

Eddie Jordan believes that Fernando Alonso would have considered retirement if he found himself in a car similar to those from twenty years ago. He emphasized that the Spaniard would likely have retired by now, with new young and talented faces emerging on the F1 scene. 

He had no intention of criticizing Alonso, instead placing the main blame on Formula 1, which has made the job easier for drivers. The new rules regarding car weight make them both too heavy but also easier to drive. Jordan considers it a mistake to put such cars in the hands of older drivers, as it allows them to continue driving for so long.

Certainly, here's the revised version in the third person:

In the past, Eddie Jordan frequently engaged in discussions with Ron Dennis on this matter. Dennis eventually changed his viewpoint after providing Lewis Hamilton with an opportunity. However, prior to this change, he tended to favor drivers with previous experience or connections.

Ron Dennis
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Sometimes team owners tend to give a chance to drivers with experience who can guarantee success from the start. Allowing younger drivers sometimes means being patient for a few seasons. Former team owners, as well as some current ones, lack patience to wait for the progress of drivers. Red Bull has best demonstrated how to make ideal decisions when they signed young Verstappen, who has progressed over the years and shown that he will become one of the best in this sport.

Jordan expresses the belief that young drivers are being disadvantaged, lacking the chances they deserve to showcase their talents. He questions the purpose of a robust Formula 2 championship if only a select few drivers, such as Oliver Bearman, receive recognition.

Formula 2 should be producing more drivers who will be given a chance on the biggest stage. Today, there is not enough willingness to give opportunities to younger drivers, and the emphasis is mostly on playing it safe.

For instance, he points out the challenges faced by David's son in pursuing a career in Formula 1 within the current situation. This prompts reflection on why individuals invest powerful resources in their children and seek sponsors for Formula 1 aspirations when the likelihood of success seems minimal.

He believes that Formula 1 must show by example that drivers who won races worked hard for it.

Eddie Jordan about the old times and the present

Jordan drew a parallel between the old times and the present. Eddie emphasizes that today's drivers get out of the car, and their hair isn't even wet, indicating they haven't even sweated in the car. He believes that today's generation is great and talented. However, he points out that the cars are heavier, making them slower. Jordan also highlighted that the amount of energy drivers expend indicates they're not working quite as hard in the cockpit. 

He referred to the race in Qatar where drivers complained about the heat. His opinion, as an old-school figure, is that drivers must surpass their limits and face various challenges as they did in the past. That's how they'll become better and progress.

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