End of an Era: Legendary Designer Adrian Newey to Leave Red Bull F1

Judging by media headlines, the problem arose when an investigation was launched against Christian Horner

by Sead Dedovic
End of an Era: Legendary Designer Adrian Newey to Leave Red Bull F1
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Adrian Newey to leave Red Bull! Just a few hours ago, this news caused great chaos, especially among Red Bull fans. Newey has been one of the most important figures within this team that dominates season after season, including the current one. Although there had been previous talk of Newey possibly leaving the Austrian team, there was no official confirmation. 

German Auto Motor and Sport were the first to confirm this information, which caused a flood of reactions. The Red Bull Chief Technical Officer has decided to leave the team after two decades, to which he has contributed greatly and with which he has achieved immense success. 

Judging by media headlines, the problem arose when an investigation was launched against Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal, due to misconduct against a female member of this team. All indications suggest that Newey is not happy with such a situation within the team, regardless of Red Bull's excellent results this season.

As we've already mentioned, Newey has been one of the key figures in the success of this Austrian team. Many believe that his departure could potentially trigger a domino effect and the departure of some other individuals, but not only that. Some expect that Newey's departure from the team will worsen the atmosphere within the team, affect Red Bull's results, and disrupt the plans of this team.

Newey could seek happiness in another team, and all indications suggest that it could be Ferrari, a team with great ambitions in the upcoming seasons. The leaders of this Italian team intend to dethrone Red Bull, and Newey could be a crucial factor in the pursuit of that goal. His fate is still unknown, as things are fresh at the moment.

Adrian Newey spoke about his future back in November of last year, emphasizing that his ambitions still lie in being part of the Red Bull team. Newey also reflected on his adventures at Williams and McLaren, two great teams. Being part of such teams was not as challenging as being part of Red Bull. He pointed out that at that time, it was a risky move.

"Absolutely," he said. 

"When I joined Williams and McLaren, then they were two great teams that had won races and championships way before I ever arrived, so there was very little required on the infrastructure side, it was really just hopefully just trying to bring a bit on the design side. Whereas, and that’s really why I joined Red Bull, it was a bit of a career risk at the time, but I just wanted that sort of involvement again of being involved with the development of the team right at the start."

Adrian Newey
Adrian Newey© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Newey emphasized that being involved in the new start with Horner and Marko was a huge deal. Their ambitions since the first season (2006) were to make Red Bull a team that would dominate for years and lead the way in the F1 world. Although they had to be patient, their patience and hard work paid off. Red Bull is a seemingly unstoppable team, and it's obvious that Newey is ready for a new challenge, aware that at the moment, hardly anyone can stop Red Bull. Together with his colleagues, he has created a car that everyone fears.

Adrian Newey about the only moment he considered leaving Red Bull

Adrian Newey reflected on a period in 2014 when retirement from Red Bull seemed a possibility due to special circumstances. During that time, the team faced challenges with a power unit that underperformed, which is not uncommon in Formula 1. However, what made the situation particularly difficult was the apparent lack of commitment from the manufacturer's top leadership to invest in resolving the issue. 

Without strong support from all levels, including the highest echelons, overcoming such setbacks becomes difficut. Newey stressed the importance of having strong elements across the board—driver, chassis, and engine—to secure championship victories. If any one of these components falters, winning becomes considerably more challenging.

Despite his previous statements that he wouldn't leave the team, the moment has come for Adrian Newey to bid farewell. Rumors vary regarding the reasons for his departure, but it appears that much emphasis is placed on the turmoil surrounding Christian Horner's case, which has disrupted much within the team. We'll see if Newey chooses to step forward in the coming days and openly discuss the reasons for his departure.

Red Bull could undergo a significant transformation with the departure of a legend like Newey. The team's dynamics will be markedly altered, potentially prompting Max Verstappen to leave as well. However, we shouldn't rush or make predictions. The future will best confirm what will happen and what won't.

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