David Croft Suggests Max Verstappen Could Leave Red Bull Under One Condition

Experts, analysts, and current and former drivers have interesting theories as to why the 26-year-old driver could leave the Austrian team

by Sead Dedovic
David Croft Suggests Max Verstappen Could Leave Red Bull Under One Condition
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Max Verstappen's future will always be an interesting topic. The brilliant Dutchman has often stated his intention to finish his adventure with Red Bull, but judging by various headlines, there's also a chance that Verstappen will leave Red Bull and seek happiness elsewhere. 

Experts, analysts, and current and former drivers have interesting theories as to why the 26-year-old driver could leave the Austrian team. Looking at the past and drivers considered the best in this sport, almost every one of them had the opportunity to win championships with different teams. Furthermore, some believe that Verstappen is the kind of character who is always eager for new challenges. There are many reasons, according to some, why Max could leave Red Bull.

Of course, the team most associated with him is Mercedes. Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft is one of those who believe that Verstappen will not leave Red Bull. However, if the conditions Croft mentioned arise, there is a possibility that Verstappen will turn a new page in his career and join Mercedes.

“I don’t think Max Verstappen is going to go to Mercedes. I really don’t see Max leaving unless and here’s the caveat, unless he knows and how he knows and how anyone knows, I don’t know, that the Mercedes engine in 2026 is going to be like the Mercedes engine in 2014

If he knows that, then he’s going to want to go. But otherwise, why give up a winning thing?

And Red Bull are a winning thing at the moment and there are no guarantees from the outside that Mercedes will be that in 2026.”- David Croft said, as reported by Crash!

Christian Hewgill, who appeared on the podcast with Croft, suggested that Max Verstappen is being cautious and secretive about his plans, especially considering the uncertainty surrounding the situation involving Horner. Hewgill expressed doubt that the issues that initially caused ambiguity regarding Verstappen's future have been fully resolved. 

He stressed that while the situation may have calmed down recently, there's a possibility that it could resurface. Verstappen's statement about potentially leaving if Marko departs suggests that he is being cautious and waiting to see how things unfold before making any definitive decisions.

The situation became particularly tense when issues regarding Christian Horner arose. Despite the resolution of the entire case in Horner's favor, Max and his father, Jos Verstappen, were not pleased with the media's constant focus on Horner's case, while ignoring Max's performances on the F1 scene. 

Max Verstappen
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Although the beginning of the season was furious and brilliant, it seems that more attention has been drawn to Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, in the first two races. Verstappen is not happy with this development. His father also spoke about the possibility of Horner needing to leave. However, a month later, the situation is significantly calmer, and it seems that things have smoothed out within the team.

This is not a guarantee that the Dutchman will stay in the team, as there are many factors that can change his decision. Red Bull fans are becoming more nervous day by day, with pessimism that things will get worse in the future. The current situation may satisfy them, but it's uncertain how long it will last.

Max Verstappen on media headlines: People should just not read certain things

After the race in Australia, Max Verstappen emphasized that people are not afraid of him leaving the team in the future. He noted that many fans of this sport read various headlines mentioning his departure. He particularly emphasized that individuals should read less about certain things and focus more on races and the future of F1. However, the young Dutchman stressed that some can always call him if they have any questions. Verstappen is bound to this team by contract for another four years, which could also mean winning five more championships. While it would be a massive feat, it's too early to talk about it.

Max primarily wants to finish this season, do his best, and then consider his future. It will be interesting to see if the 26-year-old will indeed take a different path.

Christian Horner, Red Bull's team boss, has emphasized multiple times that his intentions are for Verstappen to continue his adventure with this team and achieve great things in the future. The great F1 driver will have the chance to break many records if he remains a part of this team. Additionally, there are many interested teams in him, such as Mercedes. Toto Wolff has just spoken about it and admitted that Mercedes is interested in Verstappen. We will see if they can lure him away.

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