Szafnauer believes that Vettel will help Stroll with his experience

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Szafnauer believes that Vettel will help Stroll with his experience

Racing Point is in the process of transforming into the Aston Martin team, and one of the changes involves the arrival of Sebastian Vettel instead of Sergio Perez. The driving constant of the team is still Lance Stroll, and boss Otmar Szafnauer believes that the young Canadian will really benefit from having a four-time world champion as a colleague.

Vettel is expected to "wake up" after a couple of bad years at Ferrari. At Aston Martin, they believe that the new environment could be stimulating for the German and that he could once again show the rides that adorned him at an earlier stage in his career.

Vettel is an experienced driver who can really help his team. He brings with him a winning mentality, and fear in other opponents. Everyone in the team is aware of that and that is why his arrival is very important to them Szafnauer believes that Vettel and Stroll will have a good influence on each other:

Szafnauer on their cooperation

“At Sebastian, we have a proven four-time world champion with the experience of helping his teams on their way to the status of race winners and candidates for winning the championship.

That is why his arrival is so important to us. He brings a winning mentality and there is no doubt that we will all learn a lot from him on this journey. ” “At Lance, we have a young and talented driver who works hard and who last year enjoyed his best season so far and really made progress in all segments of racing.

We know that he is more than capable of helping the team achieve their goals if we give him the tools to do so. ” Szafnauer believes that this tandem was necessary for such a team and they will be unstoppable “Also, we think Sebastian will get the best out of Lance, and Lance will put a lot of pressure on Sebastian on his return and that’s why we’re thrilled with our 2021 driver lineup.

It’s an ideal blend of experience, knowledge of how to win races, and pure talent. ” Last season, Racing Point finished in fourth place in the constructors' standings, and after the transformation of the team and the arrival of Vettel, expectations have risen even more.

The leadership of the team believes that Aston Martin can soon become a candidate for GP victories, and it is up to Vettel and Stroll to try to achieve these great expectations on the tracks this year.