Carlos Sainz's Manager Discusses the Future of the 29-Year-Old Spaniard

“Let’s say, it’s an interesting period of time at the moment,” Onoro said

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Sainz's Manager Discusses the Future of the 29-Year-Old Spaniard
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Carlos Sainz's future is always an interesting topic, especially considering that it's still unknown where the Spaniard will continue his career from 2025 onwards. Several teams are options for him, and judging by reactions, many believe he's closest to Mercedes. Taking into account Lewis Hamilton's departure from the team, a figure like Sainz would certainly be crucial in achieving goals in 2025. 

Carlos Onoro, the manager of the 29-year-old Spaniard, discussed Sainz's future on the F1 Nation Podcast, emphasizing that the current situation is intriguing. It seems that several teams are in the running for the talented Spaniard, aware of his qualities. His victory in Australia has particularly caught attention.

“Let’s say, it’s an interesting period of time at the moment,” Onoro said, as reported by Crash!

“The driver market has been all over the place lately and I think we will see some movements in the upcoming weeks but for the moment, the juggling continues.”

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Onoro confirmed that there wouldn't be any important updates regarding Sainz's next career move before the Miami Grand Prix. He assured that there's no need to worry between the China and Miami races, as no major announcements are expected from their side. They're still navigating the process and will reveal more details in due time.

Making a decision about one's future isn't easy. It's necessary to consider all parameters and what the future in a certain team can bring. Ferrari hasn't shown particular faith in his abilities, considering they ended their adventure with him prematurely. However, such a situation could serve as additional motivation for Sainz to give his best and prove to them that they made a huge mistake. Fans believe the best revenge would be exceptional results, followed by potentially even better performance next year.

Although Sainz doesn't want to publicly express his dissatisfaction with the team leaders' decisions, it can be sensed that he's not happy they didn't show him trust.

In a media interview, Sainz confirmed that the best options are open for him. He sees this as a positive thing and is aware that it will take time to consider his decision.

The 29-year-old driver emphasized that there hasn't been significant progress in the past few weeks. This is still early in the season, and no team intends to rush or make hasty decisions. Most teams plan to observe individual performances throughout the season and make definitive decisions later on. 

Sainz would prefer things to be resolved sooner rather than later. At this moment, the situation isn't easy for him, as he doesn't know what the future holds. In such circumstances, many let the pressure of the future affect their present performance. The pressure of making a decision could disrupt Sainz's plans, but he hopes to achieve great results this season and help Ferrari finish at the top. It remains to be seen whether there will be official confirmations regarding his future during the season.

“There has been barely any progress over the last couple of weeks so there's nothing really to update you on,” he said.

“Obviously the sooner that everything develops the better, because at the same time, it's not like it's affecting my performance at all this year.

But the earlier you take it out of your head and know the situation, the better.

It requires time and it requires some decision-making. So now it's, as I said, last week, it's time to let that happen and see how things progress.”

F1 Driver Standings 2024

Looking at the current driver standings, Carlos Sainz is in third place, behind his teammate Charles Leclerc, who will remain part of the team next season. From next year onwards, Leclerc's teammate will be Lewis Hamilton, and Ferrari intends to achieve great things with this duo. It would certainly be interesting if Sainz and Hamilton swapped teams, considering Mercedes could benefit from fresher talent. 

At the top, things remain unchanged. Leading the pack is 26-year-old Max Verstappen, with indications that a similar scenario to last year might unfold. The Dutchman is ahead of the pack and is determined to win the championship once again.

Ferrari aims to disrupt Red Bull's plans in the coming seasons, but whether they will succeed remains to be seen. They are aware of the tough task ahead, considering Red Bull's dominance. It will be essential for them to give their best, stay focused, and remain dedicated to their goals. Fans seem to crave an exciting race, hoping for a team besides Red Bull to emerge victorious. Ferrari managed this in Australia, but the question remains whether anyone else can achieve it in the weeks ahead.

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