Chandhok Unveils What Max Verstappen Must Do to Earn Title of F1's Greatest Ever

Verstappen is a driver who is already being compared to the legends of this sport

by Sead Dedovic
Chandhok Unveils What Max Verstappen Must Do to Earn Title of F1's Greatest Ever
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Although he still has many years ahead of him in his Formula 1 career, many are questioning Max Verstappen and his future. The brilliant Dutchman consistently shows excellent form from race to race, and there's every chance he'll win the championship again this year. 

Red Bull can be pleased to have such a driver in their team. It's gone to the extent that many are now asking whether Verstappen is one of the greatest, or at least if we want to diminish his achievements; Does he have the potential to become the greatest in this sport? Opinions vary. 

Older fans of the sport are likely somewhat skeptical when it comes to such epithets, given that they've had the opportunity to see great names on F1 tracks throughout its history. Some younger fans argue against these older fans, claiming that nostalgia is deceiving them, stressing that Verstappen is certainly one of the greatest. 

Karun Chandhok is one of those who has decided to share his opinion on the debate about the greatest ever. The former F1 driver, now a TV reporter, is impressed by the qualities of the young Dutchman. However, what Verstappen lacks is the opportunity to compete in another team. That is one reason why the 26-year-old driver might change his team and seek happiness elsewhere. Chandhok mentions Ferrari and Mercedes as potential options.

"More and more I’d like to see him drive for somebody else.

I’d like to see if he just at one with this car, could someone else jump in and do it if he went to Mercedes or he’s not going to go to Ferrari they’re locked in, but it would be fun to see, wouldn’t it?"- he said, as quoted by F1oversteer!

Karun Chandhok
Karun Chandhok© James Bearne/Getty Images Sport

Chandhok reflected on some of the great names that have had the opportunity to lead the way on F1 tracks. All of them had the chance to win championships with other teams. Some believe that the pressure to win a championship with another team could lead Verstappen to leave Red Bull and find a new team. 

At this moment, all teams are far from Red Bull. Ferrari is the team behind them, but it seems they also need to invest much effort to close the gap with Red Bull and be competitive for the championship. Red Bull fans fear that this is an opportunity for some teams to capitalize on the momentum and lure Verstappen to join them.

“How much of it is Max [Verstappen] vs the car

I think the all-time greats when you look back are the ones who have won in more than one team.

[Michael] Schumacher, [Juan Manuel] Fangio, [Alain] Prost, Lewis [Hamilton] as well of course.”- Chandhok continued.

Max Verstappen's contract

The Dutch driver is tied to a contract with this team for another four years, specifically until 2028. That doesn't necessarily guarantee that Verstappen will remain part of this team for the next four years. Looking at the current results and the atmosphere within the team, some believe it would be illogical to leave such a Red Bull and start again from scratch with a team aiming to compete for the championship. Many believe that Mercedes could be the team where Verstappen continues his career. Considering the dominance they have had for years, it is expected that Mercedes will be competitive again.

Moving to Mercedes guarantees various reactions. Max would likely face harsh criticism, given the rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes that has existed for years. However, the Dutchman is a driver who doesn't pay too much attention to the media, critics, and anyone who isn't positively inclined towards him.

Verstappen's current statements don't provide optimism that he will leave the Austrian team. Max has reiterated many times that he is focused on the adventure at Red Bull, ready to win the championship again and fulfill this team's ambitions.

Verstappen has confirmed that he is happy in this team and hopes that the rest of the team will show loyalty and remain part of this team in the coming years. He emphasizes that the most important thing for him is to perform well, as that is the guarantee for him to stay in this team. The Dutchman has confirmed that he doesn't want to be part of rumors and stories focusing on his departure because his intentions are to give his best and help the team.

We'll see if all these stories about Verstappen and moving to another team to confirm his role as the greatest will influence him to leave the team. Max will carefully consider his decision and choose what's best for him.

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