Charles Leclerc Acknowledges: Carlos Sainz Currently Doing a Better Job

"I think it's as simple as he's doing a better job."- Leclerc said

by Sead Dedovic
Charles Leclerc Acknowledges: Carlos Sainz Currently Doing a Better Job
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This year, both Ferrari drivers are ready to prove themselves and showcase their best. Ferrari has made significant progress over the past two seasons, and this season they are the main contenders to finish behind Red Bull. Considering their race with Red Bull, it's difficult to expect this Italian team to achieve more, given that Red Bull is far ahead of its competition. 

However, the optimism and hope of this team will never fade. What's interesting is that Carlos Sainz looks excellent this season, much better than his teammate Charles Leclerc. F1 fans are aware that Sainz will leave Ferrari next season, with Lewis Hamilton taking his place. Looking at the current situation, many believe that the leaders of this team have made a huge mistake.

Charles Leclerc isn't pleased with his performances this season, aware that he can achieve much more going forward. The Monegasque driver commented on his teammate's amazing performances before the race in China, acknowledging that Sainz is currently achieving better results than him. Leclerc believes that such a situation doesn't require much analysis. He emphasized that things are simple and clear: Sainz is doing a better job. However, the 26-year-old driver pointed out that he has encountered some issues during the season, especially in Bahrain.

"I think it's as simple as he's doing a better job. I think in Bahrain, it's difficult to compare because on my side I was facing issues and I think it was a very strong weekend apart from that," Leclerc said, as quoted by Crash!

Leclerc emphasizes that at this moment, he must give his best to match his teammate. Knowing his capabilities, nobody doubts that Leclerc can achieve much more as the season progresses. His priority is to work harder and deliver more.

"However, in the last two races, he's just been stronger. It's up to me now to work, especially in the qualifying pace, which is normally a strength."- he continued.

Leclerc explains that he's been finding it challenging to optimize his laps, highlighting the delicate balance between getting it right and making mistakes, particularly in warming up the tires effectively.

He stresses that currently, he's facing more difficulties compared to his teammate Carlos, who is performing incredibly well. Leclerc mentions that he's been putting in a lot of effort to address this issue, and typically, when he focuses on specific areas, he's confident in making quick improvements.

While he's not overly concerned, Leclerc emphasizes the importance of translating this work into on-track performance, starting with qualifying sessions beginning the next day.

During each season, teams have the opportunity to identify their biggest mistakes and correct them. Leclerc is optimistic for this reason, believing that his team, like himself as a driver, will recognize where they are going wrong even this season. They will have the chance to correct such errors and enter the upcoming races much stronger. It's too early for any predictions, but this 26-year-old driver has no doubt that he can progress.

Chares Leclerc on Red Bull

Leclerc also commented on their rival, Red Bull, who has been leading the pack this season as well as in previous ones. Fans of this sport believe that Red Bull will be equally dominant this season as they were in the past, and the beginning of the season is the best confirmation of that. Leclerc primarily focused on the race in China and Ferrari's chances there. 

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz
Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz© Robert Cianflone/Getty Images Sport

He emphasized that it's a track where they can be slightly better than they were in Suzuka, Japan. Their intentions are to approach the race in the same manner: with determination and belief in a positive outcome. Leclerc still expects Red Bull to be dominant this weekend, so his priority is to remain focused on himself and his team. 

The 26-year-old driver reflected on the race in Suzuka and the importance of qualifying, highlighting that qualifying is crucial for a good result in the race. It will be interesting to see what this team can achieve in the race in China.

While there is talk about Leclerc and his not-good-enough start as a young driver, there is also a huge focus on Carlos Sainz and his future. The race in Australia showcased the strength of this Spanish driver, impressing all fans of the sport. Although many expected Red Bull to continue where they left off, Sainz ended their dominance and demonstrated that Ferrari also has the capacity for positive outcomes.

The future of the Spanish driver is an intriguing topic, considering that many teams are lining up to have him onboard. Carlos has no intention of making impulsive or quick decisions, aiming to continue giving his best this season. Sainz wants to carefully consider his future.

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