Christian Horner Denies Sergio Perez's Claims of a Swift Resolution to His Future

He explained that while Sergio may desire an immediate announcement, the team is not feeling pressured to rush the decision

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner Denies Sergio Perez's Claims of a Swift Resolution to His Future
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The future of Sergio Perez at Red Bull is always an interesting topic. It is still unknown what the next step in the career of this brilliant Mexican will be, considering that his performances this year will determine whether Perez will remain part of the team. The Mexican is pleased with his performances, and the beginning of the season promises that he could continue his career at Red Bull. Yesterday's comments by Sergio Perez have provoked reactions from Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal.

Sergio Perez believes that there are good chances that he will secure a place in the team. Perez has confirmed that every weekend brings a certain challenge with it. This weekend, Perez will have the chance to compete in the Chinese GP, ready to continue at the same pace thereafter.

“Every week the contender is changing. But it’s normal I think when things are not signed, everyone is a contender.”- Sergio Perez said, quoted by Crash!

Speaking about his future and optimism about remaining part of the team next season, the Mexican confirmed that he is optimistic. Perez emphasized that with quick conversations, things could be resolved. Red Bull's intentions are to determine how much Perez can achieve this season, and judging by the start, he could continue his adventure with the Austrian team. The Mexican highlighted that things are progressing rapidly, so it is necessary to talk and find a solution.

“Yes, I am.

We’ve been here together for already a few years and I think it will be quite a quick conversation to know which direction we go. We all want to continue so I will expect [it to be] a matter a time.

Given how the market is moving, things are kicking in a lot faster than we all would have liked, but it’s how the game is at the moment.”- Sergio Perez said!

Christian Horner reacts to Sergio Perez's comments

Horner reacted to the statements made by the Mexican. The Red Bull Team Principal is the person who, together with other leaders of this team, will decide Perez's future.

Horner contradicted this during his comments in China, indicating that they are not close to making any announcements. He pointed out the early speculation about next year's drivers despite the season being only at race five.

Christian Horner
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Red Bull boss also mentioned that they are currently satisfied with their current driver lineup and don't feel pressured to make a decision at this point. He highlighted that Max Verstappen is on a long-term contract, while Sergio Perez's contract is up for renewal, but he has been performing well this season.

Max Verstappen's future is clear: he is under contract with the team until 2028, making it unlikely that he will leave before then. Despite rumors circulating in recent weeks about Verstappen potentially leaving the team, largely due to Christian Horner's comments, it seems that such an outcome is far from reality. 

Red Bull leaders have every reason to be pleased with the Dutchman's performances, as he has been outperforming his competition by a significant margin. Their focus is now on Perez, who did not impress the team's leaders last season. By giving him another chance, they hope that Perez can achieve great things by the end of the season. It must be acknowledged that so far, he is performing well.

Horner clarified that Red Bull is taking their time to decide on Verstappen's teammate.

He explained that while Sergio may desire an immediate announcement, the team is not feeling pressured to rush the decision.

Red Bull finds themselves in a fortunate position, with many drivers expressing interest in joining the team. However, they are currently content with their existing driver pairing. Considering the current situation in the F1 scene, there are many talented drivers ready to prove themselves in Red Bull, a team that has been dominant in recent seasons, especially in the current and previous ones. This certainly adds extra pressure on Perez, who must give his maximum to secure his place in the team. Red Bull's executives know they have several options, which is a huge advantage for them.

Their priority is ensuring that Perez's strong start to the season is supported, and they will consider their options in anticipated period. 

Their focus this season is for Verstappen to win the title. What they also want is for Perez to be closer to Verstappen this season than he was last year. The Mexican is currently second in the standings, with good chances to remain so.

Behind them is Ferrari, which is particularly strong this season and aims to disrupt the plans of the Austrian team.

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