Carlos Sainz on the future: All my best options are still open

"It’s going to take some time for everyone to make their own mind."

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Sainz on the future: All my best options are still open
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Carlos Sainz spoke to the media about his future and the plans he has for the upcoming period. The Spaniard is doing great things this season, and his victory in Australia speaks volumes about how ambitious Sainz is and how ready he is to help Ferrari achieve its goals this season. 

From next season, Sainz will lose his place in this Italian team, so it will be necessary for him to continue his career elsewhere. Ahead of another weekend, this time in China, Sainz talked about his options. 

The 29-year-old driver is most linked with Red Bull and Mercedes. Ultimately, only one team will have the chance to sign Sainz. He emphasized that he is happy about the interest of other teams in him. The Spaniard did not want to reveal any more details regarding the teams interested in him or the departure date, but it is clear that he has several options.

“For sure all my best options are still open,” -Carlos Sainz said, as quoted by Crash!

“I think that’s a positive thing and something that requires a bit of time given the situation of the market. It’s going to take some time for everyone to make their own mind and their own decisions. But the good options are still open.

There’s been barely any progress over the last couple of weeks, so there’s nothing really to update you on."

Sainz emphasized the importance of resolving his plans sooner rather than later, stressing that while it hasn't impacted his performance this year, it's better to clear his mind early on. He indicated that making decisions regarding his future requires time, and now is the moment to allow that process to grow and observe how things evolve.

The Spaniard doesn't want to make hasty decisions that might cost him in his career. He's aware that at 29 years old, this could be a great moment for him to leap forward in his career. Expert opinions, fan sentiments, and the views of former drivers vary widely. While some believe Red Bull would be the right option for him, others are skeptical about how much Sainz can shine alongside Verstappen

It's hard to expect him to have a significant role in a team like Red Bull, whereas on the other hand, at Mercedes, he could potentially demonstrate his full brilliance alongside George Russell. There's also the question of how competitive a car he'll have at Mercedes, so there are many factors that will determine the future of this talented Spaniard.

Sainz seems to be more focused on the present than on the future, aware that Ferrari has an excellent car this season. He wants to capitalize on the advantages of this car and finish his story with this team in a great way. It's also certain that Sainz is motivated to show his best, especially considering that the team's leaders haven't shown much belief in him. The race in China is an ideal opportunity for him to continue where he left off.

Toto Wolff on Mercedes' plans

Toto Wolff spoke a few weeks ago about Mercedes' plans for the future. The Mercedes team principal believes that Mercedes has several options, but like Sainz, this team also wants to carefully consider who the best choice is.

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Toto Wolff reflects the complexity of the decision-making process when it comes to selecting drivers for his team. He stresses that there are convincing arguments in favor of various candidates, including both young talents and experienced veterans like Carlos Sainz. Each potential driver brings unique qualities and strengths to the table.

Wolff emphasizes the need to carefully assess the situation and observe how it unfolds before making any definitive decisions. He recognizes that some of the drivers under consideration may ultimately choose to sign with other teams, which further complicates the decision-making process. Therefore, he opts to maintain an eye on developments, confirming that he has a comprehensive understanding of all available options before making a final choice.

Wolff is an experienced individual, someone who has been achieving success in the F1 scene for years. It's certain that he has a deep understanding of the F1 world and knows who could potentially be the best option. Looking at Mercedes' previous and current seasons, it's difficult to be optimistic at this moment, considering that Mercedes is far from its peak. This is one of the reasons why he will carefully consider his future, analyzing the available options. It will be interesting to see what the final decision will be and whether Sainz will become part of this German team the next season. It would truly be a remarkable story.

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