Franz Tost believes Red Bull will not let Gasly to go

Gasly has huge potential and they seem to trust him

by Sead Dedovic
Franz Tost believes Red Bull will not let Gasly to go

AlphaTauri F1 team boss Franz Tost believes Red Bull will not let Pierre Gasly into another F1 team so easily because they have invested much in his progress which culminated last year with his first win at Monza. After half a season at Red Bull in 2019, Gasly returned to Toro Rosso, and in 2020, under the name AlphaTauri, he achieved his first victory at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza and won 70% of the team points.

While that didn’t bring him a second attempt at Red Bull, who alongside Verstappen opted for Perez after Albon failed to impress bosses enough, Gasly secured a resumption of his F1 career at AlphaTauri where his teammate will be debutant Yuki Tsunoda.

Toast believes that other teams will show interest in Gasly, especially if the Frenchman does not get a new opportunity at Red Bull, but he believes that Red Bull will not let him go so easily. “You know, if a driver is as competitive as Pierre, then yes, of course, other teams will ask for his contract details,” Tost told Motorsport-Total.

“At some point, you want to know if the driver is free. But he has a contract with Red Bull and I don't think Red Bull will let him go at such an early stage. " Red Bull let Sainz, who did very well with Verstappen in Toro Rosso in 2015, be loaned to Renault, and since there was no room for him in Red Bull, Sainz moved to McLaren in 2019 and will drive for Ferrari from 2021.

Red Bull won't let him go

Toast believes Red Bull doesn’t want to let go of a driver they’ve invested so much in so easily. "They have invested a lot of money in his development and sooner or later they want to pick up the rewards of that investment and achieve good results with it, winning victories and championships.

We will see." "He is now an experienced, but also a successful driver. Every team always focuses on a successful driver. ” “What does that mean? The team listens to technical feedback from the driver and the result is the design of a new car.

” "Designers and engineers take into account all the technical feedback from such a good driver to make next year's car even faster." Toast recently stated that he believes Tsunoda will be a threat to Gasly after a few races because he has also shown how fast he is learning in previous racing series.

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